Graduate Program

The E-Track Graduate Program provides a one-on-one, catered education to push your research and studies to the next level. Extremely specialized courses are also delivered by renowned TIU instructors as well as guest instructors from other universities that greatly aid in your quest for mastering your selected field of study.

Overview of the Graduate Program

 Tokyo International University offers Graduate Programs in Economics and in International Relations, with all courses taught in English. Our program is designed to meet the needs of students around the world and enable graduates to flourish on the global stage through studying in a truly multi-cultural academic environment in the epicenter of technological innovation, historical tradition, and global business of Japan. The Graduate programs welcome application not only from current students but also from mid-career professionals and others who seek to advance their expertise in business and global affairs.

Overview of the Economics Major (M.A. and Ph.D.)

 The Graduate School of Economics, Tokyo International University (GSE-TIU) aims to train creative experts who have the ingenuity to face diverse policy issues from a global perspective. It also focuses on developing basic research capabilities that enable students to explore policy challenges in the real economy. Students can hone their analytical skills by pursuing a well-rounded variety of courses in a multi-cultural environment. Through intensive tutorial seminars and joint workshops, students can advance their research to complete a truly outstanding thesis.

Overview of the International Relations Major (M.A. only)

 The master’s program in International Relations provides students with a unique opportunity to develop an expertise on a wide range of global issues, such as war and regional conflict, development and sustainability, climate change, and human rights. With its diverse faculty/student body and a small class size, the program encourages active learning through debates, presentations, group projects, field studies, internships, and the like. It prepares students for global leadership and helps them pursue careers in international organizations, business, education, public administration, and NGOs.


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