To foster a safe and comfortable learning environment, TIU operates on-campus dormitories for students coming to Japan for the first time. Dormitory managers and Residence Assistants are available on-site to give assistance for international students to smoothly assimilate to a new life in Japan.

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TIU International House

TIU offers accommodation for international students coming from all over the world to Japan for their first year. A room will also be assigned to international students currently residing in Japan, and Japanese students residing abroad pending vacancy.

TIU Dormitories

Facility TIU International Houses are located near Campus 2.
* Campus 2 is located approximately 13 minutes on foot from Campus 1.
* E-Track courses will be held on Campus 1
Location International House R1 (Single) International House R2, R3 and R4 (Shared)
Room Type


*Single room furnished with a bed,  a desk, a chair, a closet, an air conditioner,  a refrigerator, a microwave, a kitchenette and a bath room
*Double room furnished with two beds, two desks (each drawer has a lock), two chairs, a fridge, a microwave, an air
conditioner, a closet, a kitchenette and a bathroom.
Size of Room 17.55 m² R2 (male): 16.09m²
R3 (female): 26.52m²
R4 (female): 22m²
Admission Fee JPY 30,000
*Includes security and cleaning fees.
JPY 25,000
*Includes security and cleaning fees.
Monthly Fees JPY 39,000
*No meal plans are offered
Liability insurance: Approx. JPY2,000/year
JPY 25,000
*No meal plans are offered
Liability insurance: Approx. JPY2,000/year
Duration of Stay One year (first academic year) One year (first academic year)
Utilities (Electricity/Water/Gas)

NOT included in the monthly rent.

Included in the monthly rent.
Internet *Free Internet (WiFi) is available
*LAN access also available (student must provide LAN cable)
Free Internet (WiFi) is available
Number of rooms 75 single rooms(male & female) R2 (male): 30
R3 (female): 7
R4 (female): 6
Others All laundry facilities are free of charge

   International House R1


Floor Plan of R1

Floor plan
Floor plan

   International House R2, R3 and R4


Private Accommodation

TIU has an on-campus agency to help students find an apartment near the campus. Monthly rent of an apartment for one person in TIU's neighborhood is approximately 40,000 - 50,000 yen.
*Since the paper-work for renting a house or apartment may be a difficult and slow process(up to two weeks), TIU strongly recommends that students who are living outside of Japan prior enrollment live in the on-campus dormitories during their first academic year.

General Information for Housing Search in Japan

It is customary in Japan to make some one-time payments to the owner. This generally includes a gratitude payment that is not refundable called “Key Money”, and a second refundable deposit. They usually amount to one month’s rent each. Most apartments are not furnished, but furnished apartments are available at a higher monthly price.


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