Business Economics Major

Jumpstart Your Business Career

The Business Economics major is for students who strive to work in the fields of international business or economic policy. In this major, students learn economics in a composite framework and explore ways of applying their knowledge in the business context.

This major is separated into six separate "concentration modules" that encompass the most essential paths of business and economics. As of April 2018, TIU is offering new courses in IT and Entrepreneurial Business through these unique collection of courses to instill students with the practical skills necessary to thrive on the global stage.

IT Business
If computers and information technology sparks your interest, the practical courses within this concentration are right up your alley.
Entrepreneurial Business
If you aspire to start your own business or bring a family business to Japan or new markets around the world, the courses within this concentration module will be essential to get you on your way.
Each market in the global economy has unique characteristics that make their worlds spin. This concentration module will instill you with practical knowledge and give you the opportunity to earn real experience in global economics.
For those who are inspired to get a head-start on business management or aspire to earn an MBA, this is a special concentration of courses to start you off on the right foot.
This concentration highlights practical skills that are required to be successful in marketing. If you are enthusiastic about learning how markets function differently around the globe, this is right for you.
The popular expression, "Money makes the world go-round" is a universal truth of economics. This concentration module will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge to make an impact in finance.

* A full list of courses in the Business Economics major can be found here.