Student Voice

Straight from the Students

At TIU, students from over 60 countries around the world learn together on the same campus. Surrounded by a richly diverse, unique educational environment, TIU students fill their campus lives with cross-cultural interaction.

A golden opportunity to learn about Japanese business

Anh from Vietnam

As I worked for a Japanese company for two years, I wanted to learn more about Japan and decided to study abroad. For me, TIU's E-Track Program was the perfect fit: it lets me acquire Japanese skills while I continue my English studies. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to learn a lot about Japanese corporate culture.

Japanese courses build a solid language foundation

Joanna from Poland

It can be tough to keep up with intensive Japanese courses, but I know that these classes are exactly what I need to master the basics of Japanese I need for local life. My international relations courses are very interesting and exciting, too, thanks to such a diverse, international group of students in the classroom.

The perfect environment for international students

Katrin from Estonia

TIU is the perfect environment for gaining skills in both English and Japanese. The wide selection of scholarships is a big plus, as well. I'm hoping to get a job at a Japanese company, so being close to central Tokyo was another reason I chose TIU. I'd definitely recommend E-Track to students who are thinking about studying in Japan.

Challenging, high-level course content

Talal from Saudi Arabia

I already have a degree in business, but I decided to enroll in E-Track to deepen my understanding of the subject matter. The classes are full of high-level, challenging content, which really makes it rewarding. The instructors and staff at TIU are also extremely supportive. It was so easy to make the transition into my life in Japan.

Taking advantage of TIU's student support

Anoj from Nepal

Every single one of my classes is interesting. TIU has students from all across the globe, so being able to meet people from different backgrounds and learn about different ways of seeing things makes campus life fresh and exciting. I am also deeply grateful for the TIU student support, which opens up so many opportunities for my university life.

A unique, international learning environment

Kobina from Ghana

I decided to enroll in E-Track because I wanted to learn about Japanese business in English and eventually find a position where I can help build business bridges between Japan and Africa. TIU's unique learning environment is a phenomenal international atmosphere and definitely helpful in attaining my future goals.

Boosting my skills in two languages at once

Alexia from France

The TIU campus is a really comfortable place because international students and Japanese students respect one another and learn together. I use both English and Japanese about the same amount every day. I'm excited to have the opportunity to study business while improving my skills in two other languages at once.

Student diversity creates an intellectually stimulating environment

Samira from Syria

I decided to come to Japan because I wanted to make my student life extraordinary. When I set foot on campus for the first time I met so many classmates from a wide variety of backgrounds and was relieved. I knew right away that I'd be in for an intellectually stimulating experience.

An incredible program and a far-reaching support system

Shinab from Nepal

Given my interest in international affairs, the E-Track program provides courses that give me confidence in what my future holds. I love the campus, with its open atmosphere and student-friendly setting. I also really appreciate the incredibly helpful support we get from teachers and university staff.