Special Additional Application Period for Fall 2020

Guideline for Special & Additional Applications

TIU understands that COVID-19 has made it challenging for some to apply during our usual application periods. We are therefore opening a special additional application period for Fall 2020.

Guideline for this special application is downloadable from the following link. Guideline for Special & Additional Application: 

I. Online Application

The online application to the E-Track Program of TIU consists of two parts: account registration and application submission. The TIU Admissions Center then carefully processes and screens each applicant. The application fee is 5,000 yen per application. This means that if for any reason applicants choose apply again during a different application period, additional payments will be required. This fee will not be refunded under any circumstances, so please keep this point in mind and make sure to read the Application Guideline carefully before you apply.

Step 1) Read the application guideline

Step 2) Begin your TIU online application

II. Special Additional Application Schedule

Fall 2020 Intake (September, 2020 Enrollment)
of Results
Enrollment Procedures
Payment of
Enrollment Fee
of Visa-related
of Tuition and
5 [NEW] May 8 -
May 20, 2020
June 8,
June 19,
June 15,
July 17,

  • If you are uncertain about your eligibility, fill out and send the TIU Admissions Center before an application period starts.
    Eligibility Verification Form (Download)

  • Applicants are required to complete the online registration, My TIU Page and submit the required documents by 5:00 pm (UTC+9 Japan Standard Time) of the final date of the application period. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Nationals of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Uzbekistan are required to pay the full annual amount of tuition and fees for the entire first year of studies before applying for the Certificate of Eligibility.

III. Application Eligibility

Applicants must fulfill both of the requirements indicated below.

Requirement 1: Educational Background

Applicants must have completed, or be scheduled to complete, one of the following criteria (1~5) before the enrollment date at TIU.

  1. A standard 12-year education.
    * * Those who skipped a grade or graduated from an accelerated high school program and completed Year 12 are also eligible to apply. Written proof of this must be submitted.
  2. - or -

  3. Have completed an education in a country with a 11 year curriculum, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. The standard curricula of the following countries have been approved: Belarus, Myanmar, Peru, Russia, Sudan and Uzbekistan. (As of January 31, 2019)
  4. - or -

  5. Have obtained one of the following qualifications:
    a.International Baccalaureate Diploma (*Issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization.)
    *This includes the full IB Diploma only. The IB course results are not included.
    b.Abitur (issued by Federal Republic of Germany for college entrance)
    c.Baccalaureate Diploma (issued by the French Republic for college entrance)
    d.GCE A Level
    -Sri Lanka and Singapore GCE A Level: applicants must submit results from three subjects
    -International and UK GCE A Level: applicants must submit a minimum of two subjects.
  6. - or -

  7. Have completed their studies at a Japanese pre-university preparatory institution, a preparatory school outside of Japan for students planning to study in Japan, or a Japanese secondary school.
  8. - or -

  9. Have completed their 12-year education at an international school accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges, CIS (Council of International Schools) or ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). Students from international schools accredited by other organizations may not be eligible. Please contact us to confirm your eligibility.
  10. Notes:
    If you have other educational qualifications, download the "Eligibility Check Form" from the "Downloads" page of English Track website, and e-mail the completed form to the TIU Admissions Center before the application period begins.

Requirement 2 : English Proficiency

Applicants must be able to demonstrate sufficient linguistic ability to understand lectures in English. Applicants are required to take one of the following English tests and achieve at least the minimum score indicated below.

In the event that any English test you were planning to take was suspended because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may instead submit the results of the Duolingo English Test, an online alternative. This test can be taken from home. It is only valid for Fall 2020 period 4 and 5 intake.
For more details, please contact the E-Track Admissions Center (

Tests / ExaminationsMinimum ScoreHow to Submit
TOEFL iBT *61Order the ETS to deliver the score report to TIU. The institutional code of TIU is 4435.
TOEIC (Listening & Reading) *700Submit the official score certificate.
IELTS *5.5Upload the copy of a Test Report Form that indicates the TRF number.
Pearson PTE Academic *45Order the test organization (Pearson) to deliver the score to TIU.
EIKEN *Pre-1Order the EIKEN Foundation of Japan to send the Proof of EIKEN Certification or CSE Score Certificate.
* These tests must have been taken within two years of the date of application.
Cambridge English Test (CPE/CAE)169Upload a copy of your Statement of Results to inform TIU of your Candidate ID and Secret Number.
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
540Order the test organization to deliver the score to TIU. The Designated Institution (DI) code is 7536.
International Baccalaureate
English A1, A2 (HL, SL)
English Literature (HL, SL)
English B (HL)
4Order the IB organization to deliver the certificate to TIU or submit a copy certified by your high school. Predicted grades are accepted. Applicants must submit their final IB results once available. In the event that these final scores are below the requirement, admission to TIU may be revoked.
International Baccalaureate
English B (SL)
First Language English, English Literature
(4 or more)
Submit a copy certified by the high school or the original.
Second Language English
English Language
(4 or more)
English Language

*Make sure that the test you sign up for is not an Institutional Test (IP / ITP). IP / ITP Score Reports are a useful way to check English ability for schools / companies to use internally, but they cannot be accepted by TIU. That means if you take a test within your high school, or at your language school that is not an official test center, you are at risk of it being an Institutional Test.

Useful links for English and standardized tests:

Pearson PTE:
Cambridge English Test (CPE):
Cambridge English Test (CAE):
International Baccalaureate:

Click here for a sample of a TOEIC Institutional Placement Score Report.
Click here for an example of a valid TOEIC Official Score Certificate (for comparison)

Current Institutional Tests to watch out for:

  • TOEIC Institutional Placement Test (IP)
  • TOEFL Institutional Test Placement (ITP)
  • IELTS Free Practice Tests
Results of Institutional Program (IP) tests are not accepted.
(IP tests are held within schools or organizations. These tests are not accepted by universities.)
English test certificates will not be returned to applicants under any circumstances.
English Test Exemption: Applicants from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, The United Kingdom, or the United States who have undertaken their official secondary or higher education in the English language for at least 6 years are not required to submit an English test score. However, those who received education in the English language, even at an international school, outside of the aforementioned countries must still provide a proof of English proficiency.