October 19, 2017

Study Abroad Stories: Words from Hanh

Hello everyone. My name is Hanh and I am studying Business Economics at TIU. I have decided to devote my third year to studying abroad in England through the ISEP program. The desire to travel and see the world runs in my family. My parents used to study abroad, and they inspired me to follow in their footsteps. That is the reason why I came to TIU, and why I am now on an ISEP Exchange Program to the University of Chester in England. I started out my ISEP application alone, but was soon contacted by Ms. Arai from the International Exchange Office. She helped me through every step of the application process, and I am grateful to her for all that she has done.

I have been in Chester for nearly a month now and have adapted to the way of life here. Everything is completely different from what I knew in Japan. My school has huge campuses scattered around the city. We have fewer class hours but greater emphasis on independent learning. The food is nice and the portions are enormous, but soon enough I start craving Vietnamese and Japanese food. But overall, I have been enjoying my exchange program here. Being a TIU student gives you a chance to study in your school/ country of choice anywhere in the world in a budget-friendly way. You get to experience new teaching styles, meet new people and travel places (I plan to travel Europe while I'm here). Studying abroad is about challenging yourself, nurturing yourself, and most importantly, enjoying yourself. But through all that, you grow a little bigger, a little braver, and a little wiser every day. So if you can, do study abroad. You may not get a second chance to do it later, who knows?