June 14, 2017

Internship Story: The Royal Thai Embassy

Internship Experiences at the Royal Thai Embassy, Tokyo
By Wichuta and Woradon

As students of the E-Track Program at Tokyo International University, we have the opportunity to take classes taught by professors with international experience. Moreover, living in Japan and interacting with Japanese society improves our Japanese language skills and expands our job opportunities. The E-Track Program at TIU provided us with the skills and opportunities to qualify for intern positions at the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo. After we got accepted as interns, we began our work during Spring and Summer breaks at the Embassy.

At the Embassy, we assisted with Protocol and Administration, Political and Economic matters, as well as the Culture and Consular Sections. In the Protocol and Administration Section, we participated in the organizing of events such as the ceremony to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen's birthday and the ceremony for the Credential of Honorable Consul. In the Political and Economic Section, our main tasks were Japanese-Thai-English translation and communication. In the Cultural Section, we worked on the media of the Embassy by publishing news articles on the embassy's official web page. Finally in the Consular Section, we were in charge of processing passport and visa applications. We also posted Consular news on social media like Facebook to keep the Thai citizens in Japan updated, and traveled with the Consular staff to rural areas to issue passports and visas to Thai citizens.

From this internship, we got invaluable experience through working closely with the embassy staff, developed our diplomatic and language skills, and gained knowledge in numerous fields - especially International Relations and Public Administration. We definitely encourage all students to make the most out of your stay in Japan and at TIU by seeking out internships in the fields you have interest in. There is no better way to prepare for a future career than gaining actual work experience!