June 7, 2017

Introducing the "Bento Bureau" Podcast by E-Track Students

Bento Bureau

Produced by a group of students from TIU's E-Track program, Bento Bureau is a podcast that talks about Japan from an international perspective with a side-dish of socio-political discussion. The name Bento Bureau contains the essence of the podcast: Bento, a Japanese lunchbox, stands for the focus on Japan as well as a metaphor for how convenient and compact the podcast hopes to become and Bureau comes from the desire to have socio-political discussions. With members from around the globe and guest speakers ranging from students to professors, the podcast aims to provide a multicultural presence with insights into Japanese social and political phenomena.

After one year of operating, the Bento Bureau team is looking to expand the scope of participation with mini episode videos and more exciting plans! If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bento Bureau community, please contact the podcast via their Facebook page at Bento Bureau, email at, or directly with one of the members Jess Hartman.

Join the team and speak to scholars, guest speakers, and even your own community!