December 1, 2017

Internship Insider - Tam from Vietnam

An Unforgettable Experience in Packaging
Words from Tam

Hi, my name is Tam. I'm from Vietnam and my major is Business Economics. As a business student who has an interest in the marketing field, I've always tried my best to apply what I've learned during classes into real-life situations. So this summer, instead of going on vacation, I decided to do an internship as an opportunity to hone my skills, explore my career interests, and gain professional experience. In fact, it was a pleasure for me to work in the International Business Development department of a big Japanese company specializing in the packaging industry.

Not only did I have a chance to observe and experience a typical Japanese work environment, I was also able to learn a variety of interesting and valuable things about the packaging industry as well as how the company competes in the global market. Above all, I was asked by the firm to research and make a presentation about Vietnam's packaging market in front of the management. I realized this was not only the time for me to demonstrate what I've learned during the internship, but also an opportunity to help them understand more about my home country.

Although it was just a one-week experience, this was my first time working as a full-time intern and it was a memorable experience overall. The improvement in my communication skills in both English and Japanese, the connections that I was making, the knowledge that I have gained... none of these would have been possible without my internship. I know an internship may seem intimidating to some of you, but after this, I believe it is essential to seek out opportunities that help you explore your interests in depth and develop abilities that you have not yet discovered!