December 25, 2017

Internship Insider - Lalitya from Indonesia

My name is Lalitya and I am from Indonesia. I am currently a 3rd year student in the International Relations major. Last semester, I participated in the E-track summer internship program. I applied to the program in hopes to gain experience from an internship since I think this type of experience is very important for me to get to know - how it feels to be in a working environment, what Japanese work ethics are like, and to learn how to communicate in a Japanese working environment.

The company I had my internship at is a travel company which also manages a Japan travel internet guidebook. As an intern there, my work included blog writing for the website, e-mail writing, and a little bit of SNS marketing. I personally have had some troubles with writing and having to write would usually be discouraging for me, but in this internship I had to write as a main task. On my first day, I was struggling really hard to come up with and write good content for the blog and I had no idea how to do the SNS promotion or how to write a fitting e-mail for this environment. On my last day, however, I realized that my writing had improved and I learned a lot about e-mail writing, SNS marketing, and promotion.

I feel that through this experience as an intern in this company, I was able to learn and grow and to ultimately get the experience and the knowledge that I aimed for when I first applied. This experience was really valuable and important, and that despite my doubt and fear of not being able to learn or to fit in that I had in the beginning, I was able to overcome that and actually learn a lot in the process. I had a really good experience with this Internship and I would totally encourage anyone to pursue an internship before graduation. These experiences are important to have and it will help you with your future career.