January 15, 2018

Internship Insider - Sylvie from the Netherlands

Hello everyone! My name is Sylvie from the Netherlands, and I am a third-year Business Economics student here at TIU.

Last spring I participated in a TIU internship program. I decided to participate in the program to find out what it is like to work at a Japanese company. Not only that, I also thought it would be a great opportunity to put my Japanese language skills and knowledge of the Japanese business environment into practice.

In my years at TIU, I have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge from my marketing and business classes, and I thought it was time to gain some practical experience by putting my knowledge and already acquired skills to the test in an actual business setting.

For my internship, I chose a company that focuses on helping foreigners in Japan by posting informational blogs about Japan, Q&As, and providing tour guides for travelers. I chose this company because the working environment was a mix of Japanese and foreign employees, so I could practice my Japanese. Also, the intern's task description stated that I would be mainly in charge of the marketing of the website, which I was very interested in.

During my one-month internship, I wrote about Japan from a "foreigner living in Japan's" perspective, did the online promotion of the company's website, and also managed their social media pages. I was working on a pretty tight schedule throughout the internship, so time management was key. Even so, mishaps would occasionally occur. At these times it was important to communicate with my co-workers what went wrong so we could find a solution together. Continuously asking for advice about my performance, in the end, improved the quality of my work and helped me finish it in a much quicker time.

I think every student should try out an internship at least once to experience what it is like working in a company before graduating. In the end, you can learn more from an internship than you may expect, and it will certainly help you in your future search for a job - whether it be in Japan or not.