February 19, 2018

TIU Model United Nations University Video

The Tokyo International University Model United Nations became an official varsity team in 2017, and has since been enormously successful in events throughout Japan. The TIU team took home half of the total awards for the official All Japan MUN event held at the end of December, 2017, in the "Outstanding Delegate", "Best Delegate", and "Distinguished Delegate" categories. As proclaimed by TIU Senior and current MUN President Wichuta T., the team now strives to join events in countries around the world, namely the largest ones held in the US and the UK.

According to Professor Thomas Blackwood, Varsity MUN Advisor and Professor of Sociology at TIU, the major reason the team has become so successful in such a short time is the unique international environment that is home to TIU's student body. Students have the opportunity to speak directly to other students who share vastly different stances on global issues to earn an authentic portrayal of the countries they are representing in MUN conferences.

Current TIU Senior Bassim T.H. says that his time at the MUN has helped him overcome feelings of personal doubt and discomfort with public speaking thanks to the opportunity to meet other passionate delegates from all over the globe who join these MUN events. This varsity team is a great tool for students to utilize in finding their place in the local community, as well as developing the skills necessary to be successful in life post-graduation as a global leader.