May 7, 2018

Golden Week 2018

Some TIU students shared a few snapshots about what they got up to during the Golden Week holidays this past weekend. Let's see what they have to say about the holiday.

Tyler, International Relations, Freshman

To myself, Golden Week represents some extra time to catch up and prepare for multiple aspects my of life. Looking over new materials and being ready for the upcoming classes is a good practice to complete while having free time (as you can see me doing in this photo in the English Plaza), so later when time is scarce to come by most responsibilities will be accomplished.

Alternatively, embracing opportunities to take a break from all of that hard work while they're available is another smart practice we should utilize. That's why on my way home from work during Golden Week I stopped to enjoy this stunning sunset near Toyosu Station. This photo is a reminder to myself that while working hard and being prepared is essential, it's equally important to take a break and distance yourself from your regular day to day activities. Hope you all enjoyed your extra time off as much as I did!

Chathu, Business Economics, Freshman

An unforgettable day in Shibuya. It's always been a dream of mine to visit. #GoldenWeek