July 6, 2018

MUN @ TIU 2018

MUN @ TIU 2018 has kicked things off today starting at 3:00pm with a few words from the university Model United Nations varsity team. Discussions, debates, and deliberations are already underway, setting up for a vivid weekend of cross-cultural exchange. For event specifics and schedule, check the link below.

Chuong, 3rd year TIU IR student from Vietnam says:
This is our first conference ever and we are really excited. We are hoping to provide an opportunity for other delegates to develop their academic knowledge as well as their soft skills like public speaking, discussion skills, and writing. Besides that, we want to create an environment for all the people to make friends with each other and learn about new countries. The topic of discussion is the weaponization of outer space. We felt this subject matter was very interesting to tackle because we haven't heard this topic come up in many other conferences, and some members of our team have some deep experience that they can bring to the table.

Natchaya (Mint), IR Major from Thailand explains:
I am so happy our team was able to organize this international conference. It is a good chance to meet new friends from many parts of the world, and also we will have many opportunities throughout the weekend to debate and cooperate with each other to help solve issues that other countries face. Before joining the MUN I was very shy and quiet, and it really encouraged me to speak my opinion and learn to negotiate with more confidence. It has helped me a lot with my public speaking skills. Not everyone has the same opinion, but the MUN gives us a chance to think of things from another country's perspective. For example, I am representing India during this conference.

The MUN varsity team has already seen shocking growth since its formulation at the end of 2016, even attracting freshmen who have just enrolled to TIU. The new students have commented that involvement in extracurricular activities like this is a great way to feel at home in a new culture. Furthermore, the diverse student body at TIU is especially attractive for International Relations majors who can utilize this opportunity to develop real-life experience in diplomacy.

This is the first event hosted at TIU for the MUN varsity team, and pending its success, more are expected to follow. Be on the lookout for more MUN news in months to come, as the team expands its horizons to participate in events around the globe.