September 1, 2018

Fall 2018 Graduation and Matriculation Ceremonies


The past two days mark two very different life changing and momentous occasions for E-Track students. On Friday, August 31st, 19 undergraduate students and 5 graduate students officially turned their tassels to the right as they earned their diplomas. Amongst this group, there were a number of students who showed outstanding achievement and qualified for early graduation in just 3 years. TIU is extremely proud to congratulate this second batch of E-Track students on their graduation!


In addition, on this day, September 1st, TIU officially welcomes the addition of 171 undergraduate and 11 graduate students as they completed their matriculation to the E-Track Program of TIU. Competition to enroll in this all-English program continues to intensify as more and more bright and talented individuals from countries around the world choose TIU over any other university. In line with these new students, TIU also welcomes many new members to the E-Track Faculty, including 5 new members to the Research Institute for International Strategy. We have high expectations for this group of enrolling expectations, and wish you all the best during this exciting time in a new home. Welcome to TIU!