September 8, 2018

Sports Day 2018

Being new can be tough. This is true in all walks of life, whether you are starting a new job, joining a new club, or moving to a new country to attend university. In order to help the newest members to the TIU community assimilate to their new environment, the university holds special competitions and events to get students working together to reach a common goal. With 171 new undergrads joining the student body this Fall, there is no better place to hold an event of this magnitude than our very own Sakado Sports Campus.

The group of over 200 students met at the open space of Campus 1 to go to Sakado Campus. The day started off with a demonstration by the women's softball team and there was an opening ceremony to set the event off.

The students were split into 6 teams for some friendly competition through a number of events.

・Japanese warm-up stretch exercise
・5-meter Beanbag Toss
・Giant Jump-rope Extravaganza
・11-legged Race
・Tug of War
・6-way Giant Volleyball
・Relay Race

After all the events finished, all teams put in valiant efforts and much fun was had by all, the purple team went home the victors.