June 21, 2019

2019 Open Campus Seminar for International Students

Tokyo International University (TIU) will be holding several informational open campus seminars this summer for international and Japanese students who are currently studying abroad or in Japan.

During this seminar, TIU students and faculty alike will speak in person about the benefits of studying in our English Track Program.
This open campus event is not only for visiting the university, but also an excellent opportunity to meet and speak directly to professors and students.

Dates and Time:

June 22 (Sat) [12:00 ~16:00 ]

July 20 (Sat), July 27 (Sat), August 3 (Sat), August 24 (Sat) [10:00 ~15:00]


① Overview of Admissions Procedure

② Curriculum Overview

③ TIU tuition reduction scholarship, individual consultations, etc.

④ Campus tours

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Hope to see you there!