You Have a Dream, E-Track can help you reach itYou Have a Dream, E-Track can help you reach it

Direct Access to the Tokyo Metropolis

Studying at TIU offers you the perfect blend of tradition and modernity to fully grasp both sides of the Japanese cultural spectrum. TIU's convenient proximity to the heart of the job market in Japan gives you a leg-up on the competition for the job search.

Courses are Conducted in English

Our E-Track Program provides a curriculum taught completely in English by renowned professors from around the world. Therefore, prior Japanese proficiency or experience is not required for enrollment, offering a head-start for your next step in life.

Affordable Education

Tuition at TIU is roughly 1/2 the average price of Australia and 1/3 the price of the USA, making your pursuit of education abroad in Japan a reality. In addition, the E-Track Program grants Tuition Reduction Scholarships to further support you on your journey.

Study Options to Build a Successful Life

E-Track's majors of Business Economics and International Relations give you the edge you need for your career. With options ranging from management and entrepreneurship to diplomacy and journalism, E-Track will get you on your way to a career you love.

Bonds with Renowned Universities Across the Globe

TIU has a sister school relationship with Willamette University, located in Salem Oregon (USA), as well as deep bonds with other renowned universities across the globe. Many options await you not only during your study in Japan, but also after graduation to help you spread your wings and fly.