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Planning for study abroad comes paired with a lot of questions and uncertainties, namely: Can I afford this? To your surprise, studying for your Bachelor's Degree in TIU's E-Track Program may actually be more affordable than you think!


The calculator below provides an estimated average of how much we expect it to cost you to study at TIU in the E-Track Program. It includes estimates on the actual cost of living based on data provided by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). The amounts shown on this calculator will be different than the amounts billed to you each semester. Therefore, this calculator is intended to be used as a guide to how much we expect it to cost to actually study in the E-Track Program. Make sure to refer to the actual bills that are issued by TIU for all of your payments.

* Amounts are shown in US dollars, but actual billed amounts will be in Japanese Yen.

Estimated Cost for Studying at TIU

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*Prices are converted at the rate of 1 USD = JPY
*Estimated costs for living were taken from data collected by
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