New MUN Special Scholarship

Do you dream of becoming a diplomat or working for an international NGO, company, or other global organization? Then don't miss this unique opportunity to apply for the TIU Model United Nations (MUN) Scholarship and join Japan's leading MUN team at TIU. This special scholarship is for students who have an interest in the field of International Relations (IR), and wants to channel the knowledge and skills obtained from their IR studies into MUN activities at our award-winning MUN team at TIU.

Recipients of the TIU MUN Scholarhsip will see their enrollment fee of 250,000 JPY waived.

Recipients may also apply for the TIU Tuition Reduction Scholarship for even greater potential savings.

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The Model United Nations at TIU is a varsity team with over 60 members from 15 countries around the world, and has become the first university team founded by international students. The MUN is a simulation of conversations and debates held in the same fashion as the actual United Nations, and the diverse student body at TIU makes it the ideal environment to get first-hand experience with the unique cultures and values of people around the world.

With coaching from Thomas Blackwood, Professor of Sociology, the club members select a president to lead the team through weekly mock discussions and debates in preparation for conferences across the globe. Students new to the university and Japan find the MUN a great way to feel at home in a new culture, while developing academic knowledge in addition to soft skills like public speaking, debating, and writing.

Screening Criteria

  1. Must have previous experience in Model United Nations.
  2. Choose International Relations as your first-choice major when applying to the TIU E-track program as a freshman.
  3. Join and be an active member of the TIU MUN team for at least 1 year of your first 2 years as a student.