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Parag Kulkarni

Department of Digital Business & Innovation



  1. 2010 D.Sc. - Innovation Strategy, Knowledge Innovation. UGSM, Monarch Business School, Switzerland
  2. 2001 Ph.D. - Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India
  3. 1994 M.E. - Computer Science, SGSITS, Indore, India
  4. 1990 B.A. - Computer Science, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, India

Teaching and Research Interests:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Innovation Strategy, Choice Computing, Emotional and Behavioral Computing, Data Mining, Text Mining, Deep Reinforcement Machine Learning

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience


Professor TIU, Japan


CEO and Director, Kvinna Limited, New Zealand


CEO and Chief Scientist, iKnowlation Research Labs, Pune, India


Visiting Professor and Visiting Researcher, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic


Professor and Dean DYPIET, Pune, India


Adjunct Professor, COEP, Pune, India


Chief Scientist and Research Head, Capsion Research Labs, Pune, India


isiting Professor, IIM Indore, India


Research Head and Senior Consultant, Scientific Application Centre, Siemens, Pune, India


Research Head, DART, Ideas, Pune India


Professional Partner, ReasonEdge Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore

Fellowship & Grants


Oriental Foundation Scholarship


DRDO - Defense project Grant "Out of the pattern detection" – Project completed – Consultant and co-investigator


BCUD grant received by my student under my supervision


DST project on Data Mining


Consultant to Tech Mahindra


Consultation at Envestnet


Consultation at Sense Hawk India


Consultant to Praxify


Consultant to CMR Group


Consultant to DST Accelerator Program

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Inventor for patent granted “Business method using the automated processing of paper and unstructured electronic documents.” No. 7,747,495

Patent Granted in USPTO for doc classification and innovative ways of grouping. Application no “Intelligent Paperless Document Management” - US8176004B2

Patent Granted in US PTO "Thematic relationship among objects based on context" WO 2014054052 A2 – US10,002,330

Patent Pending - WO 2015008300 A2, Application number PCT/IN2014/000468 – “A system for instance specific, device-specific, duration-specific, view-specific, time-stamp-specific, and network specific, file/content sharing”

PCT – Reverse Hypothesis Machine Learning 2018

Two provisional patents – One for Context based security framework and other for Document Ranking

Patent Pending IDEA Matrix - 2018

Patent Pending Intent Action - 2018

Patent pending – Competency Mapping – 2018


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Research Papers:

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