Studying at TIU is Affordable

Earning your BA in our E-Track Program at TIU is a great opportunity, and TIU does as much as possible to help students every step of their way to success. In addition to the TIU Tuition Reduction Scholarship, there are also a number of other scholarships available to students studying in Japan.


Scholarships for E-Track

TIU's tuition reduction scholarships are designed to encourage students' desire to learn by lessening the financial burden of university tuition. Scholarships are offered from 30% to 100% of the tuition fees.


4-Year Calculator

Curious about how much it will cost you to earn your BA at TIU? This handy 4-year calculator can help you get a clear understanding of how affordable it can be to study abroad in Tokyo.


Other Scholarships

This section includes basic information about other scholarships available to students who study at TIU. While these scholarship opportunities are all provided outside of the university and we cannot guarantee your acceptance to these scholarship programs, this information will help you with your search.