About TIU and E-Track

About TIU

Tokyo International University was founded in 1965 with a focus on business and commerce, and upon earning accreditation from the Ministry of Education (MEXT) the college has grown into a private university that now encompasses five undergraduate schools and four graduate schools. In addition, TIU has been sister schools with Willamette University in Salem Oregon since the beginning, and has also developed deep relationships with other renowned universities across the globe.

Staying consistently true to its educational philosophy of "nurturing truly international-minded people," TIU is constantly expanding its practice-oriented international education. The University boasts a highly international learning environment: of TIU's approximately 6,500 students, roughly 1,200 are international students from over 60 countries around the world.

About E-Track

Tokyo International Universityʼs E-Track Program began in 2014 with the primary focus of providing students from all around the world with the opportunity to earn a 4-year Bachelorʼs Degree with majors of Business Economics and International Relations in an all-English curriculum from the heart of Japan.

Studying together with students from over 60 different countries under the counsel of international faculty that facilitate a truly global atmosphere, E-Track classes allow for the development of a close student-professor relationship. In addition, TIU provides career guidance for students looking for internship and job opportunities in Japan at its well-staffed career development office on campus. All you need is an interest in Japan, and TIU's E-Track Program will help you on your way to success.

Live in Tokyo

The Tokyo metropolis is a dynamic, international blend of global business, cutting-edge trends, and unique Japanese traditions. In addition to earning the reputation of being the worldʼs cleanest and safest city, Tokyo also boasts incredible urban functionality and amazing convenience. The city is a thriving center of international business that serves as the headquarters of countless Japanese and international companies alike.

Tokyo International University is located in Kawagoe, a Tokyo suburb that provides students with a quiet, healthy atmosphere to study in. The universityʼs location also offers quick access to the city center, which is just a 35-minute train ride away. Taking advantage of this accessibility, students can connect with the cutting-edge culture of Tokyo and live more fulfilling university lives.

International Campus

Tokyo International University will be establishing a new Urban International Campus in the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Area where the university's educational globalization efforts will be centralized. The university participated in a development contest to adopt part of the former mint bureau site, neighboring Sunshine City, and TIU's plan successfully won the competition. This land will be passed over to the university in October of 2020, and the campus facilities are set to be opened in September of 2023.

The English Track Program as well as other educational globalization functions will be centralized in this new campus. The university is planning to relocate half of the student body (roughly 3,500 of 7,000 students), and amongst those 3,500 students, the aim is 2,000 international students from over 100 countries. The plan also includes educators and researchers recruited from around the world, which will further enhance international "brain circulation" in line with Japan's national policy.

This new campus will be directly linked to the Kawagoe Campus via the Tobu Tojo Line as well as the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line. Furthermore, all types of programs will be opened throughout the Kawagoe, Sakado, and Ikebukuro International Campuses.

In order to successfully open this new "Ikebukuro International Campus" TIU is further accelerating its globalization throughout the university. In 2018, the English Track Program will be offering new courses in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurial Business. In addition, a Global Sports Program will be initiated to facilitate an even more globalized education for the university's student athletes.

The creation of this Urban International Campus in Ikebukuro will dramatically strengthen the foundation of the globalized education already present in TIU's Kawagoe and Sakado Campuses, as well as bolster the overall globalization of the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Area.