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  • Date Posted: December 7, 2018
  • • Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO) and Institute for International Strategy in Tokyo International University (TIU) Presents:
  • “Inclusive Business for Poverty Reduction: Challenges of Japanese, European, US, and Local Companies in India and Africa”

  • • アジア経済研究所(IDE-JETRO)・東京国際大学(TIU)国際戦略研究所 共催
  • 「貧困削減のためのインクルーシブビジネス(IB): インド、アフリカにおける日欧米現地企業のチャレンジ」

  • For event details and registration information, click here.
  • Date Posted: October 17, 2018
  • • The 110th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第110回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2018年11月14日)

  • “Contributions to Global Health Issues by Takeda Pharmaceutical”


  • Takanori Sato
    Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
    Head, Public Affairs, International Organizations Relations, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

  • 佐藤 孝徳
    ヘッド パブリックアフェアーズ 国際機関渉外 コーポレートコミュニケーション&パブリックアフェアーズ

    The mission of Takeda Pharmaceutical is to contribute to people’s health and future medical development through high quality pharmaceutical products. To meet the needs of people in the world, Takeda Pharmaceutical is globalizing its innovative activities. This presentation will explain how the company, under its policy of globalizing innovations, challenges to solve global health issues.

    (1)経済産業省本館への入館には、セキュリティーのため入館証が必要になります。「CSR-BOPウォッチ」に参加を御希望の方は、2018年11月12日(月)17時までに岡田( )へお名前と御所属をメールにてお知らせください。締め切り日の夜に、参加者のリストを経済産業省に提出します。この登録が無い場合には、入館できませんので、ご注意ください。



  • Date Posted:September 21, 2017
  • • The 105th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • •第105回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年12月13日)

  • “JICA’s Support to BOP Business in the Past and New Policies for Private Sector Partnership toward Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”


  • Nobuhiko Aoki
    Private Sector Partnership Division
    Private Sector Partnership and Finance Department
    Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

  • 青木 信彦
    独立行政法人 国際協力機構(JICA)
    民間連携事業部 連携推進課 主任調査役

    By reviewing the past JICA’s policy of supporting BOP business which started in 2010, Mr. Aoki will explain about the new policies of “Supporting Businesses for Solving Targeted Issues (SDGs Business),” including the background and prospects of the policy changes.
    (1) 経済産業省本館への入館には、セキュリティーのため入館証が必要になります。「CSR-BOPウォッチ」の岡田(に2017年12月11日(月)17時までにお名前と御所属をメールにてお知らせください。締め切り日の夜に、参加者のリストを経済産業省に提出します。この登録なしでは、入館できませんので、ご注意ください。
    (3) 受付後は、案内板に従い、13階西8会議室までお越しください。
  • Date Posted:September 21, 2017
  • • The 104th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • •第104回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年11月16日)

  • “Contributing to Poverty Alleviation by Producing Strawberry in India – Five Year History of Ichigo Production Project”

    『イチゴ生産でインドの貧困削減 ―ICHIGOプロジェクト5年間の軌跡―』

  • Shu Watanabe
    Leader in New Employment Creation Project
    Leader in Overseas Project
    GRA Group
    Manager, Business Innovation Strategy Headquarters

  • 渡辺 周
    GRAグループ 新規就農支援事業兼海外事業リーダー
    NEC 事業イノベーション戦略本部 マネージャー

    GRA was established in 2011 in Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, to support its redevelopment after the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster. It established strawberry plants from scratch, and grew to be a top-level agricultural corporation. It also developed the Ichigo Project in India in order to contribute to alleviating poverty in India. Mr. Watanabe will talk about five-year history and experiences of the Indian project.
    (1) 経済産業省本館への入館には、セキュリティーのため入館証が必要になります。「CSR-BOPウォッチ」の岡田(に2017年11月14日(火)17時までにお名前と御所属をメールにてお知らせください。締め切り日の夜に、参加者のリストを経済産業省に提出します。この登録なしでは、入館できませんので、ご注意ください。
    (3) 受付後は、案内板に従い、13階西8会議室までお越しください。
  • Date Posted:September 21, 2017
  • • The 103rd CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第103回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年10月11日)

  • “New Style of Grassroot International Exchange between Uganda and Japan Nurtured through Cooperation for Cotton and Towel Production”


  • Mr. Tatsumasa Oku
    CEO, Smily Earth Corporation

    Mr. Tatsumasa Oku is the CEO of Smiley Earth Corporation, which developed the ultimate organic production technology and produces cotton towels using high-quality organic cotton produced in Uganda. On July 11, the company won the Minister-of-Economy-Trade-and-Industry Award of the Japan Water Award on “Developing Towel Production Process, Using Stress-free Cycloid-type Water System.”

    Being moved by the passion of Mr. Yuichi Kashiwada, who spent more than fifty years to nurture the textile industry in Uganda and now struggles to grow high-quality cotton there, the Smily Earth succeeded to develop only one product in the world, using the ultimate organic cotton towel production technology. Now, not only cooperating in business, but they are also promoting a friendship city relation between Gulu and Izumisano Cities, and now the latter decided to host the Ugandan team in the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    (1) 経済産業省本館への入館には、セキュリティーのため入館証が必要になります。「CSR-BOPウォッチ」の岡田(に2017年10月9日(月)17時までにお名前と御所属をメールにてお知らせください。締め切り日の夜に、参加者のリストを経済産業省に提出します。この登録なしでは、入館できませんので、ご注意ください。
    (3) 受付後は、案内板に従い、13階西8会議室までお越しください。
  • Date Posted:July 31, 2017
  • • The 102nd CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第102回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年9月13日)

  • “Building a nation’s wealth...drop by drop”


  • Mr. Mohan Ranbaore
    Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director
    Waterlife India Pvt. Ltd.

    ロハン ランバオレ

    Ms. Lekshmi Krishnan
    Head – CSR
    Waterlife India Pvt. Ltd.)


    Globally over 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Around 37.7 million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases annually, 1.5 million children are estimated to die of diarrhea alone, and 73 million working days are lost due to waterborne disease each year. Its economic burden is estimated to be around $600 million a year.
    Waterlife drinking water initiatives provide access to safe, affordable drinking water, creating a multiplier effect on a wide range of socio-economic parameters – health, education, livelihood, household income, quality of living…and have become a powerful tool for building social, environmental and economic gains amongst under-served communities.
    (1) 経済産業省本館への入館には、セキュリティーのため入館証が必要になります。「CSR-BOPウォッチ」の岡田(に2017年9月11日(月)17時までにお名前と御所属をメールにてお知らせください。締め切り日の夜に、参加者のリストを経済産業省に提出します。この登録なしでは、入館できませんので、ご注意ください。
    (2) 9月13日(水)は、経済産業省本館正門受付にて18時40分から19時10分まで受け付けてもらえます。お顔のわかる身分証明書を御提示ください。
    (3) 受付後は、案内板に従い、13階西8会議室までお越しください。
  • Date Posted:June 22, 2017
  • • The 101st CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第101回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年7月19日)

  • “Meiwa’s Development of Environmental Business in Developing Countries”


  • Shigeru Kitano
    Meiwa Co., Ltd.

    北野 滋

     Our business presently explored in developing countries is to turn organic waste into fertilizers through carbonization. The key characteristics of this business is to produce fertilizers much better in quality than chemical fertilizers by carbonizing food waste, polluted mud, livestock manure, etc. and to make this process self-sustainable as a business by selling fertilizers. Consequently, this business contributes to developing a system which processes wastes, prevents global warming, cycles nitrogen, and additionally solves many social problems such as poverty and famine.

    当社が開発途上国向けに展開をしつつある事業は、廃棄物を炭化して肥料に するという事業で、処理に困っている生ゴミ、汚泥、畜糞などの廃棄物を炭化 して、化学肥料同等以上の肥料に変え、肥料販売によりビジネスとして成立す ることが特長である。廃棄物処理ができ、更に地球温暖化防止、窒素循環、貧 困、飢餓など多くの問題解決につながるシステムでもある。

    (1) 経済産業省本館への入館には、セキュリティーのため入館証が必要になります。「CSR-BOPウォッチ」の岡田(<>)に2017年7月17日(月)17時までにお名前と御所属をメールにてお知らせください。締め切り日の夜に、参加者のリストを経済産業省に提出します。この登録なしでは、入館できませんので、ご注意ください。
    (2) 7月19日(水)は、経済産業省本館正門受付にて18時40分から19時10分まで受け付けてもらえます。お顔のわかる身分証明書を御提示ください。
    (3) 受付後は、案内板に従い、13階西8会議室までお越しください。
  • Date Posted: May 22, 2017
  • • The 100th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第100回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年6月14日)

  • “Forest Wisdom Project”


  • Tatsuya Sakaguchi
    from far east Inc.

    阪口 竜也

    After planting trees in waste land in Cambodia, leaves, fruits and seeds cropped there are used for cosmetic products. By doing so, this project aims to pursue simultaneously two goals of poverty reduction by creating employment in the rural area and environmental improvements by expanding forests. The cosmetic products are sold with the brand name of “Natural Cosmetic Materials: Creating Our Future Together” through general merchandise stores all over Japan. This project was also presented in the COP21 held in Paris.


    (1) 経済産業省本館への入館には、セキュリティーのため入館証が必要になります。「CSR-BOPウォッチ」の岡田に2017年6月12日(月)17時までにお名前と御所属をメールにてお知らせください。締め切り日の夜に、参加者のリストを経済産業省に提出します。この登録なしでは、入館できませんので、ご注意ください。
    (2) 6月14日(水)は、経済産業省本館正門受付にて18時40分から19時10分まで受け付けてもらえます。お顔のわかる身分証明書を御提示ください。
    (3) 受付後は、案内板に従い、13階西8会議室までお越しください。
  • Date Posted: April 3, 2017
  • • The 99th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第99回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年5月17日)

  • “Challenges Yamaha Has Been Making in Africa since the 1960s when No Word like BOP Even Existed”


  • Ryosuke Nishijima
    Group Leader
    Green Water Project Group
    Overseas Market Development Division
    Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.

    西嶋 良介

    Yamaha Motor Co. has been challenging to develop markets in Africa, making use of public-private partnerships and inter-industry cooperation. Why is it necessary to develop partnerships? What are types of partnerships necessary? And what are social impacts Yamaha has made? These are issues to be presented.

  • Date Posted: April 3, 2017
  • • The 98th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第98回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年4月5日)

  • “Lixil’s Attempts for Solving Sanitation Problems in Developing Countries”


  • Yutaka Ando
    Group Leader
    Social Toilet Department
    Lixil Corporation

    安藤 豊

    Lixil has been examining diverse solutions to contribute to solving sanitary problems in Kenya, Bangladesh and other countries for three years. Following global movements on SDGs, Lixil has openly announced our stances, approaches and commitments to solving these problems and has even developed a business project.

  • Date Posted: December 16, 2016
  • • The 97th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第97回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2017年1月18日)

  • “End-user Finance as a Means to Promote the Energy Access of the Poor”


  • Chikako Fujita
    Arc Finance
    Project Manager

    藤田 周子

    Although ten years have passed since the development of solid and inexpensive solar lantern, still only a small portion of 1.2 billion people living in non-electrified area in the world have access to solar lantern. One of the biggest obstacles is its price. Even if the lantern costs only a few thousand yens, poor people still find it difficult to finance. A global NGO, Arc Finance, experimented diverse end-user-finance methods in 20 locations in five different countries, consequently succeeding to provide clean energy solutions to more than 500,000 households. In my presentation, I introduce diverse examples of microfinance, Pay-As-You-Go, and microgrid.

  • Date Posted: December 5, 2016
  • • The 96th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第96回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2016年12月7日)

  • “Algae Change the World? Nourishment Revolution with Supirulina Produced in Zambia”


  • Kofuke Hara
    Alliance Forum Foundation
    Program Manager
    Developing Countries Section

    原 孝友
    一般財団法人 アライアンス・フォーラム財団
    途上国事業部門 プログラム・マネージャー

    In order to nurture well-educated and high-quality middle-class people in Africa, the Alliance Forum Foundation (AFF, Developing Countries Section) is promoting the improvement of people’s nourishment in a grass-route level by also working to develop financial institutions which enable to achieve AFF’s goal. In the presentation, I shall explain about a Spirulina Production Project in Zambia, using highly nutritious Supirulina produced in Africa.

  • Date Posted: October 10, 2016
  • • The 95th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第95回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2016年11月2日)

  • “Waste Recycle Business of Materials Containing Mercury by Nomura Kohsan and its International Business Expansion Making Use of International Cooperation Promoted by the Minamata Convention of Mercury”


  • Yutaka Ichihashi
    Executive Director
    Nomura Kohsan, Ltd.

    This presentation first introduces the recycle business of Nomura Kohsan, which had in the past the largest mercury mine in Asia. Secondly, it explains how the Minamata Convention of Mercury changed the environment for mercury-related recycle business. And finally, how Nomura Kohsan benefitted from this convention to expand its international business based on the multilateral agreement for international cooperation. It will be a very interesting case to show how domestically-developed technology can be used for international business expansion, making use of international agreement.

  • Date Posted: September 7, 2016
  • • The 94th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第94回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2016年10月12日)

  • “JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) Field Research Group: Reports from Kennya and Ghana”


  • (1) “Report from Kennya: Is Career Education Effective to Prevent Children Coming Back to Detention Home – A Trial to Make Them Feel Not Wishing to Come Back” by Sayaka Matsuda (Just returned from JOCV mission)

  • ケニア 「キャリア教育は児童拘置所で有効か? ―「もうここには戻らない」と思わせるための取り組み—」
  • In Kennya, teenage crime is very high. This research analyzes factors which may reduce imprisoned teenagers coming back to the prison. Based on hypotheses that role model exercises and career education are two key factors, a curriculum is actually developed and implemented.

    (2) “Report from Ghana: Villagers Can Teach You – Building a School from Scratch in Kanjarga Village in Ghana” by Tetsuya Hotta (Area of activity: Ghana; Amacho Tourist Association, Board Representative, NPO Let’s Build Schools)

  • ガーナ 「答えは村人が教えてくれる ~カンジャガ村でゼロからの学校建設~」
    堀田哲也(活動地:ガーナ共和国)島根県海士町観光協会 契約社員、NPO学校をつくろう代表

  • It is a story of one young Japanese who landed in Africa for the first time, experienced Ghana living with daily surprises, established a school, and provided training to local people for self-sustaining the school.

    Coordinated by:
    Yosuke Kotsuji, Investment Officer
    International Finance Corporation (IFC) Kenya Office

    小辻洋介: IFC(世界銀行民間セクター部門)東アフリカ農業投資統括

  • Date Posted: June 24, 2016
  • • The 93rd CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第93回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2016年7月13日)

  • “Initiative on the Development and Promotion of Malaria-preventive Olyset Net by Sumitomo Chemical”


  • •Akira Taniuchi
    Division Head
    Health and Crop Sciences Sector
    Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd.

    谷内 晃

    •In the early 2000s, Sumitomo Chemical innovated the Olyset Net, an insecticide-treated mosquito net with long-term effectiveness, and then succeeded in its commercial production. The long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) has contributed a lot to reduce the malaria disease rate. Despite so in social contributions, I shall discuss about problems and future prospect of the product from a business perspective.

    •住友化学は、2000年代初、マラリア予防用の殺虫剤含有の長期残効性蚊帳を発明し商業生産に漕ぎ着けた。Long Lasting Insecticidal Net(LLIN)は、マラリア罹患率の減少に大きな貢献があったとされているが、ビジネス面での課題や今後の展望について議論する。
  • Date Posted: May 17, 2016
  • • The 92nd CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第92回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2016年6月1日)

  • “Smart Community in Honda’s Way: Experimental Case in Republic of the Marshall Islands”


  • •Naohiro Maeda
    Department Manager, Community Planning Department
    Smart Community Planning Office
    Business Planning Supervisory Unit, Automobile Operations
    Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

    前田 直洋
    四輪事業本部 事業企画統括部
    コミュニティ企画ブロック ブロックリーダー

    •Honda is aspiring to contribute to the development of “sustainable and affluent society where people can enjoy moving freely” by combining the next generation personal mobility technology and energy creating and controlling devices. The present experiment of the Solar EV Project conducted in Republic of the Marshall Islands will be reported.

  • Date Posted: March 30, 2016
  • • The 91st CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第91回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2016年4月20日)

  • “Contribution to Realizing the Happiness of Bangladeshi Women Cherishing to Live in Ways One Likes”

    『「化粧の力」を活かして 自分らしく生きたいと願うバングラデシュ女性の幸せの実現に貢献』

  • •Tsuyoshi Kato
    Strategy Group
    Sustainability Strategy Department
    Shiseido Company, Ltd.

    加藤 剛志
    サステナビリティ戦略部 戦略グループ

    •Shiseido’s activity to improve women’s status and support their activities in rural Bangladesh since 2011 will be reported. Advancing beyond CSR activities for contributing to solving women’s problems and gender-related social issues, it is trying to develop a globally-respectable sustainable approach based on Shiseido’s know-how and knowledge thus far accumulated through activities in rural communities. This project is designated as a model case of “Business Call to Action (BCtA)” of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
  • Date Posted: December 22, 2015
  • • The 90th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第90回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2016年1月13日)

  • “BOP Business for Delivering Light to Unelectrified Houses in LDCs and its Horizon”


  • •Naoki Matsuo
    CEO, PEAR Carbon Offset
    松尾 直樹
    (株) PEARカーボンオフセット・イニシアティブ

    •PEAR Carbon Offset is trying to develop a BOP business to spread a Japanese-technology-based mini-solar home-system to unelectrified homes in Bangladesh and Egypt. I shall introduce philosophy behind this project and experiences relevant for small- and medium-sized firms to engage in BOP business, including a perspective on climate change. Additionally, I shall emphasize the importance of CSR activities to make use of other companies’ business activities, when this type of business is difficult to engage.
  • Date Posted: November 18, 2015
  • • The 89th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第89回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2015年12月9日)

  • “Shift from Not-challenging-risk to Risk-in-challenging-process!! Self-pedaling-powered Chair Cycle which Positively Work with Physically- challenged People (Experiences from JICA’s Grassroots Technical Cooperation in Vietnam)”

    【足こぎ車いす】JICA草の根技術協力事業の現場から〜』 (詳細)

  • •Kenji Suzuki
    CEO, TESS Inc.
    鈴木 堅之(すずき けんじ)

    •TESS Inc. is the Minister-of-Economy-Trade-and-Industry-Award winner at the Japan Venture Awards 2014 for its new rehabilitation model and newly-developed walking- support-equipment. Its new model, “New Rehabilitation Model based on Patients’ Initiative,” focuses on patients’ self-initiated mobility by riding a “self-pedaling-powered chair cycle” which makes use of human reflex. The company started making a BOP initiative supported by JICA to promote the use of the equipment in hospitals in Vietnam and all over the country, hoping to develop a locally-suitable rehabilitation model as well as to nurture a significant number of human resources who link medical care and public welfare in this young and lively nation with the average age of 28.2.
  • Date Posted: November 13, 2015
  • • The 88th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第88回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2015年11月18日)

  • “JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) Field Research Group: Reports from the Philippines”

  • *Skypeにて現在赴任中の隊員2名、会場にて今年帰国の1名が発表します。

  • •Coordinator: Misa Takaramoto (Mentor for the Philippines’ Field Research Group) Japan Asia Strategic Advisory
    (1) Yoshio Shintani (Province of Iloilo) “Research on Employment and Recruitment for Improving the Labor Force Participation Rate”
    (2) Kenji Yamaji (Province of Camarines Sur) “Research on Introducing Machineries for Improving Income of Coconut Farmers”
    (3) Ai Sugiyama (Province of Sorsogon)
    “Support of Women Social Participation through Handicrafts Work”


    (報告者1) 新谷好生「農村部における雇用・求人実態の調査と就労率向上の取り組み」
    イロイロ州ドゥエニャス町役場 地域経済投資促進課(2014年10月~16年10月)

    南カマリネス州ティナンバック町 農業事務所 (2014年10月~16年10月)

    (報告者3) 杉山愛「女性の社会進出と手工芸品を通した支援」
  • Date Posted: September 23, 2015
  • • The 87th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第87回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2015年10月14日)

  • “Solving Food/Medical Problems and Contributing to the Economic Empowerment of Women with Japanese-made Ice Battery – Trial in India ”

    『日本製アイスバッテリーで食品/医療の問題の解決と女性の経済的活力の向上に貢献-- インドでの試み』

  • •Pankaj Garg
    アイ・ティ・イー株式会社(Innovation Thru Energy Co. Ltd.)

    •Ice battery is a refrigerant based on patents developed in the aerospace industry, which can be kept at a designated temperature for a long time without emitting CO2 and is used for a lengthy period of time. A Japanese inspection organization proves that the refrigerant does not have any negative human health effect, even when the container is broken. In contrast to usually used products, such as dry ice, ice battery is highly praised for its comprehensively higher performances in innovative applications, energy-saving, cost-saving, and environmentally-friendliness. More than 100 companies and medical institutions are already using it, for example, JAL, ANA, and Kintetsu Logistics Systems in the distribution industry, Fuji Electric in the electronics industry, Alfresa Pharma in pharmaceutical wholesaling, etc. Using this technology, ITE is now developing a BOP business by organizing poor daily farmers and introducing the low-temperature ice battery system to provide stably fresh milk to milk factories. The project mainly involves the women of low status and provides them opportunities to improve their economic conditions. This presentation mainly focuses on this Indian BOP project.
  • Date Posted: June 17, 2015
  • • The 86th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第86回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2015年7月15日)

  • “Offering Health Checks to People in Kenya. Free, but Profitable. Challenge through a New Business Model for the BOP ”


  • •Jun Fukuyoshi
    CEO, AfricaScan, Inc.
    福吉 潤
    株式会社AfricaScan 代表取締役

    •People are becoming more health consciousness in Kenya, and those in the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) are expressing their interests in having health checks. CancerScan, Inc., which has been working to promote the use of health and cancer checks in Japan, thought about offering health checks in Kenya. However, they found that people in BOP are not willing to spend money for health checks, partly because they cannot afford to do so. To overcome this difficulty, CancerSan established its subsidiary, AfricaScan, in Kenya to start operating small community-based shops (presently four shops in operation). In communities, AfricaScan offers simple health checks at their shops for free to their customers. The cost of health check is covered from profits generated by selling food and miscellaneous goods at small local shops. In return for their preference to buy at their shops, they offer free health checks. Presented will be AfricaScan’s new challenge and business model for improving health conditions of BOP in Kenya.
  • Date Posted: May 8, 2015
  • • The 85th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第85回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2015年6月9日)

  • “A Project for Developing a New Rehabilitation Model Making Use of Self-pedaling-powered Chair Cycle and Nurturing Human Resources for Rehabilitation in Vietnam”


  • • Kenji Suzuki  CEO, TESS Inc.
    鈴木 堅之(すずき けんじ)
    (株)TESS 代表取締役

    • TESS Inc. is the Minister-of-Economy-Trade-and-Industry-Award winner at the Japan Venture Awards 2014 for its new rehabilitation model and newly-developed walking-support-equipment. Its new model, “New Rehabilitation Model based on Patients’ Initiative,” focuses on patients’ self-initiated mobility by riding a “self-pedaling-powered chair cycle” which makes use of human reflex. The company started making a BOP initiative supported by JICA to promote the use of the equipment in hospitals in Vietnam and all over the country, hoping to develop a locally-suitable rehabilitation model as well as to nurture a significant number of human resources who link medical care and public welfare in this young and lively nation with the average age of 28.2.
  • Date Posted: May 7, 2015
  • • The 84th CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • 第84回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2015年5月22日)

  • “JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) Field Research Group: Reports from Ghana”(詳細)
  • (1) “Report from Fact-finding Investigation of Orange-producing Farms, Targeting to Increase their Income” by Shiho Mikami (Main area of activity: Ashanti Region in Ghana)
    (2) “Employment Creation Project for People with Hearing Disability” by Chisato Maruyama (Main area of activity: Ashanti Region in Ghana)

    Coordinated by:
    Yosuke Kotsuji, Investment Officer International Finance Corporation (IFC) Kenya Office

    (1) 「オレンジ農家の実態調査と収入向上を目指して」
      三上 志保 (活動地:ガーナ国アシャンティ州)
    (2) 「聴覚障がい者 雇用創出プロジェクト」』
      丸山 ちさと (活動地:ガーナ国アシャンティ州)
      小辻 洋介  IFC(世界銀行民間セクター部門) ケニア事務所

  • • Content:
    (1) “Report from Fact-finding Investigation of Orange-producing Farms, Targeting to Increase their Income” by Shiho Mikami
    The southern part of Ghana is quite active in producing oranges. Despite so, a large number of oranges are discarded before getting to the market, because of poor production management and distribution problems. In this report, I shall present findings derived from my fact-finding investigation to identify the causes of discarding and wasting oranges, and then discuss solutions to the problems, which are hoped to improve the income level of orange-producing farmers.

    (2) “Employment Creation Project for Young People with Hearing Disability” by Chisato Maruyama (Main area of activity: Ashanti Region in Ghana)
    My fact-finding mission initially focused on the causes of low school enrollment ratio among young people with hearing disability. But finding the cause of its low ratio in the lack of employment opportunities after graduation, I have established an NGO called Tatsuno Otoshigo Project (TOP) to provide three types of employment opportunities: (1) for those who learned dress making techniques to produce Japanese summer casual wear for men and Japanese cotton summer kimono for women; (2) for those who learned cooking to bake bread in “Bakery Project;” and (3) selling Ghanaian traditional fabric “kente” produced by physically challenged youth. Based on such experiences in my TOP activities, in my presentation I shall report about the possibility and problems in employing physically challenged youth, issues which need to be solved to produce in developing countries and sell in Japan, and selling traditional products in Japan. My presentation also covers my proposal for solving these problems.
  • Date Posted: March 23, 2015
  • • The 83rd CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • “Development of Sanitation Business in Uganda” (詳細)
  • ・ 第83 回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します。(2015年4月15日)
    ・ By Mr. Takeo Hojo General Manager, BOP Business Unit, Global Operations Division Saraya Co. Ltd.
  • People visit a hospital for getting medical treatments and making a recovery when they become sick or injured. However, it is quite surprising to know that as many as 16 million people in the world die due to intra-hospital infection. This risk in developing countries is twenty times higher than that in developed countries. Besides, it is often pinpointed that the carriers of infectious bacteria are medical staff. Saraya, established in 1952 when post-war sanitary conditions were extremely bad and when the number of dysentery cases were the worst in the Japanese medical history, has been consistently developing businesses focusing on the sanitation of fingers. I shall report on the progress in the manufacturing and sales of finger-sterilizing alcohol for medical facilities in a Ugandan subsidiary established in 2011.
  • Date Posted: December 26, 2014
  • The 82nd CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • “Pentalemma: Polishing up Decision Making in the Present Complex and Uncertain World”
  • • 第82回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催します(2015年1月20日)
  • • Pentalemma is an online simulation that literally means “5 competing positions”. It aims to improve the quality of decision-making of business operating in a globalizing world. After receiving the first email, groups of users face a series of complex and uncertain circumstances under which will make a difficult decision. Scenarios depicting diverse virtual situations range from employee issues at a plant in Mindanao, the Philippines, to a disaster response in Kyushu, Japan. It will be introduced from an alliance that originated from an encounter at CSR-BOP Watch.
  • Date Posted: December 1, 2014
  • The 81st CSR-BOP Watch Meeting Notice
  • • “The Olympics and Sustainability”
  • • 第81 回CSR-BOPウォッチの会合を開催しました(2014年12月18日)
  • • Many movements are now taking place, preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In the 2012 London Olympics, for the first time in the Olympic history, CSR standards were introduced and implemented in both its preparation and operation stages by an independently established organization with the support of the Olympic Committee. Whether such innovative practices for the sustainable development of the world will be continued in the Tokyo Olympics is quite an interesting and important question. To think about the issue, I would like to solicit your participation in the 81st CSR-BOP Watch. (Yoshitaka Okada)