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Christopher Lamont
クリストファー ラモント

Associate Professor
International Relations
  • B.A., University of Mississippi
  • M.Sc., University of Edinburgh
  • PhD., University of Glasgow
clamont[at mark]


Bibliographical Statement

Christopher Lamont is Assistant Dean of E-Track Programs and is Associate Professor of International Relations at the Institute for International Strategy in Tokyo International University. He holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Glasgow (2008) and MSc in International and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh (2005) and a BA in International Studies from the University of Mississippi. Previously, Dr. Lamont was Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Groningen (2011-2018) and prior to that he was an R.C.U.K. postdoctoral fellow in the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster (2009-2011).

Dr. Lamont has been an expert consultant with the U.S. State Department in Iraq and Libya on research capacity-building and transitional justice, with the Centre for European Security Studies in Moldova on transitional justice, and World Vision International in Kenya on humanitarian assistance. He also organized Social Justice Masterclasses for Tunisian political parties for the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy.

His research focuses on transitional justice, state-building, and post-conflict transitions. His primary sites of fieldwork have included Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia. He has been awarded a number of prestigious grants to support his research, including a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Zagreb, an IREX grant, and fieldwork support from the American Institute for Maghrib Studies.

His work on transitional justice has appeared in leading scholarly journals including the Journal of Democracy, Global Policy, International Journal of Human Rights, among others. He is also co-editor (with Arnaud Kurze) of Critical Spaces in Transitional Justice to be published by Indiana University Press in 2018, and Non-Western Visions of Democratization: Imagining Democracy after the Arab Spring (with Jan van der Harst and Frank Gaennsmantel), which was published by Routledge/Ashgate in 2015. His monograph, International Criminal Justice and the Politics of Compliance (Routledge/Ashgate 2010) explored the international and domestic politics of international criminal justice processes in the former Yugoslavia.

In addition to his scholarly contributions, his writings have also featured in Foreign Affairs, The Diplomat, OpenDemocracy, and at the Middle East Institute. He has also appeared frequently in the media providing comments for The Washington Post, The Japan Times, de Volkskrant (the Netherlands) and Novosti (Croatia).

He has held numerous visiting positions, including a Visiting Associate Professorship at Kobe University’s Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (2018) and a Specially Appointed Associate Professorship at Osaka University’s Osaka School of International Public Policy (2015-2016). Recently, he also served as a member of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar’s Center for International and Regional Studies’ Transitional Justice Working Group (2014).

Dr. Lamont is frequently invited to speak and present his research to both scholarly and policy audiences. Recently, he presented fieldwork from Iraq at the Osaka School for International Public Policy (2018), and has delivered invited talks on a number of topics related to his research. A selection of recent invited talks would include presentations at the EU Center of California (2017), Pomona College (2014), New York University (2013), and the Center for Maghreb Studies in Tunis (2013). He also frequently presents his research at the International Studies Association’s annual conventions, and has presented at the World International Studies Committee (WISC) conference, the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) annual conference, and the Middle East Studies Association annual convention.

His current research interests include:
・Human Rights
・Transitional Justice

Selected Publications


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Peer Reviewed Articles

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Book Chapters

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Review Articles

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