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Jeffrey Ordaniel
ジェフリー オアダニエル

Assistant Professor
International Security
  • ・B.S. - La Salle University

  • ・M.A. - KDI School of Public Policy and Management

  • ・Ph.D. - GRIPS (Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo)

Jeffrey Ordaniel

Biographical Statement

Jeffrey Ordaniel is an Assistant Professor of International Security Studies at the Institute of International Strategy (IIS), Tokyo International University (TIU). He obtained his PhD in International Relations from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo in 2017. Dr. Ordaniel’s scholarship focuses on the study of offshore territorial disputes and maritime issues in Asia. Broadly, he is also interested in, and have written articles and research monographs on, preventive diplomacy in Asia, US Asia Policy, US-Japan Alliance, Japan-ASEAN relations, and Philippine politics and foreign policy.

From 2016 to 2019, prior to joining TIU, he was the holder of the endowed Rear Admiral Joe Vasey Research Fellowship at the Honolulu-based Pacific Forum, one of the world’s leading area studies and policy research institutes and was one of the first organizations in the United States to focus exclusively on Asia. He worked with Pacific Forum’s Security Cooperation Program, that aimed to stimulate cooperative policies in the region through rigorous research, analyses and dialogues. He was the lead convenor of the US-ASEAN Partnership Forum, a track II conference in February 2019 that brought together some of the region’s most distinguished foreign policy specialists, subject-matter experts, and other thought leaders to probe key political, security and economic issues in the Indo-Pacific with relevance to US-ASEAN relations. He maintains an affiliation with the Pacific Forum as an adjunct fellow, and regularly attends various track 1.5 and track 2 meetings in the region with relevance to US Indo-Pacific policy, and his area of expertise, maritime security in Asia.

Some of Dr. Ordaniel’s works have been published by The National Interest, Asian International Studies Review (AISR), PacNet Commentaries, The Diplomatic Courier, East Asia Forum, and The Strategist, among others. He is currently working on a book manuscript, Coping with “China Threat” −The Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia in the South China Sea, largely based on his doctoral dissertation. While at TIU, Dr. Ordaniel is also pursuing a separate independent research project on Japan’s maritime security policy.

Selected Publications by Jeffrey Ordaniel

Peer-Reviewed Academic Publications

Policy Report:

Ordaniel, J., & Baker, C. (2018). Re-examining preventive diplomacy in Southeast Asia. Issues and Insights, 18-CR4.

Occasional Paper:

Ordaniel, J. (2017). Deference and defiance: Malaysia and ‘China threat’ in the South China Sea, 1988-2015. Tun Abdul Razak Occasional Paper Series No. 2. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2017.

Book Chapter:

Ordaniel, J. (2016). Balancing national interest and national pride: Korea’s Dokdo-related public diplomacy, 2008-2015. In K. Ayhan (Ed.), Korea’s Public Diplomacy (25-48). Seoul: Seoul National University Press.

Academic Journal:

Ordaniel, J. (2015). Internationalization, legalization and deterrence: The United States and Japan in the South China Sea. Asian International Studies Review, 16(2), 93-119.

Book Chapter:

Ordaniel, J. (2014). South China Sea: The Southeast Asian perspective. In Chung Kyung-young (Ed.), Territorial Disputes and International Cooperation in East Asia (264-269). Seoul: Northeast Asia Community Studies Institute. (In Korean)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Op-Eds, Media Outreach, and Policy Papers

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