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Yee Heng Tan
イーヘン タン

Associate Professor
  • ・B.B.M., Singapore Management University

  • ・Ph.D., Singapore Management University


Yee Heng Tan

Biographical Statement

Yee Heng Tan started his career upon earning his Ph.D. in Marketing from the Singapore Management University (SMU) in 2018. He has taught Marketing Research in SMU under the Lee Kong Chian School of Business before becoming a faculty member at TIU.

His research interests are in centered around the Innovations in the Digital Economy, including: Crowdfunding, the development of Digital Platforms, User-Generated Content, bot advertising, and other forms of digital disruptions. His work has been presented in several conferences, most recently in the 39th ISMS Conference in Los Angeles in 2017. He has an article in GfK Marketing Intelligence on Digital Transformation, an article in an upcoming book on Digital Disruptions, and several papers under review in international peer-reviewed journals. He has assisted in co-authoring the post-conference summaries of several conferences such as the Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street conference in 2015 and the LVMH-SMU Luxury Research Conference in 2016. He has received grants from the Center of Marketing Excellence and has also served as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Summer American Marketing Association Conference in 2016.

Selected Publications by Yee Heng Tan

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Reddy, S.K., & Tan Y.H. (2017). Crowdfunding – Financing ventures in the digital era. GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 9(1), 37-41.

International Presentations

Tan. Y.H. (2017, June). Backer networks and their impact on project outcomes on crowdfunding digital platforms. A paper presented at the 39th Annual ISMS (INFORMS society of Marketing Science) Conference in the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California.

Tan. Y.H. (2016, June). Central backers in social networks and their impact on outcomes of crowdfunding projects. A paper presented at the 38th Annual ISMS (INFORMS society of Marketing Science) Conference in Fudan University, Shanghai, China.