Dolphin Sports Supporters

Tokyo International University Supporters Club

The Tokyo International University Supporters’ Club is made up of people who donate towards the University’s education and research activities, hence becoming “Supporters” through a donation system. Currently we are looking for more people to join the “Dolphins Sports Supporters’ Club”. In addition, all supporters will receive updates of all of the University’s activities. We greatly look forward to growing more and more through your support.

“Dolphins Sports Promotion Supporters’ Club Donations”

The donations go to all sports activities, as well as Kyoka Clubs which include: Regulation Baseball, Soccer, Women’s Softball, Women’s Soccer, Ekiden, Golf, Regulation Tennis, American Football, Weight Lifting, Kendo, Archery and Wind Orchestra, among others. Our University believes sports to be a fundamental pillar to facilitate the growth of “true members of society”. The essential combination of spirit and mind for humanity lays secure within sports. So many have already joined the ranks of sports promotional supporters, and fiercely supporting the strife of our students together as a family.

Please contact the executive office for information regarding a donation plan.

Tokyo International University Supporters’ Executive Office
4-23-23 Takadanobaba
Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-0075
TEL : 03-3362-9641 FAX : 03-3362-9643  Mail :