Regarding the Start of Fall Semester Courses


Tokyo International University

After carefully considering the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus, the university has decided that initially most fall semester courses will be held online. However, exceptions will be made for some physical education, laboratory, and practical classes etc., which will be conducted in-person.

For in-person classes held on campus, the university will take strict measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as limiting the maximum capacity of each classroom to less than half. We will do our best to ensure that students who have difficulty commuting to the university at the start of courses are not disadvantaged by the situation.

Furthermore, to protect students from being exposed to infection while commuting during the busy rush hours, the start time of period 1 classes has been pushed back by 50 minutes to 10:00.

【Class Period Schedule for the Fall Semester】

Period 1 10:00~11:30、Period 2 11:40~13:10、Period 3 13:50~15:20、

Period 4 15:30~17:00、Period 5 17:10~18:40、Period 6 18:50~20:20

In order to avoid the 3 Cs and infection clusters from forming, as a general rule only students taking in-person courses should enter campus. We ask that students limit their use of campus facilities as much as possible, including the English Plaza, PC Room, Library, etc. Only the main gate entrance will be open, and students must touch their student ID to the card reader and have their temperature checked before entering campus. Please do not come to campus if you are not feeling well.

If the coronavirus situation improves, we plan to increase the number of classes conducted in-person. However, if infection continues to spread, there is also the possibility that halfway through the fall semester we will have to switch all classes to the online format.

We ask all our faculty, students and staff to behave with the utmost sense of responsibility and awareness, so as not to become infected or spread infection. In addition, so we can promptly detect and contain coronavirus infections, we are instructing all students to download and register with the COCOA App (COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application).

We are working hard to prevent the spread of infection within our community so that on-campus life can return to normal as soon as possible. In order for efforts to be successful, we ask for our students' support and cooperation.

More information regarding the class schedule and formats will be posted on POTI within the coming days.