In order to foster a safe and comfortable learning environment, TIU operates on-campus dormitories for students coming to Japan for the first time. Dormitory managers and Residential Assistants are available on-site to lend a hand to international students during the assimilation to their new life in Japan.

TIU International House

TIU offers accommodations for international students around the globe moving to Japan for their first year. A room will also be assigned to international students currently residing in Japan, and Japanese students residing abroad pending vacancy.

TIU Dormitories
Facility Overview TIU's Dormitories (International Houses) are located on and very near Campus 2.
* Campus 2 is about a 15-minute walk from Campus 1.
* All E-Track classes are held on Campus 1.
Dormitories International House R1 (Singles) International Houses R2-R5 (Shared)
Room Types Studio
Single room furnished with:
- 1 bed
- 1 desk
- 1 chair
- 1 air conditioner
- 1 refrigerator
- 1 microwave
- 1 kitchenette burner
- 1 closet
- 1 bathroom
Double room furnished with:
- 2 beds
- 2 desks (lockable drawers)
- 2 chairs
- 1 air conditioner
- 1 refrigerator
- 1 microwave
- 1 kitchenette
- 1 closet
- *1 bathroom
(sink, bath, and shower) (sink, bath, and shower)
*R2, R3, and R4 only. Bathrooms are communal for R5 residents.
Room Size 17.55 meters sq. R2 (Male): 16.09 meters sq.
R3 (Female): 26.52 meters sq.
R4 (Female): 22 meters sq.
R5 (Female): 19 meters sq.
Move-in Fee 30,000 yen
*Security and cleaning fees are included.
25,000 yen
*Security and cleaning fees are included.
Monthly Rent 39,000 yen / month
*Meal plans are not offered.
*Liability insurance ~2,000 yen / year
34,000 yen / month
*Meal plans are not offered.
*Liability insurance ~2,000 yen / year
Utilities Not Included Included
Internet WiFi included WiFi included
Number of Rooms R1 (Co-ed): 75 rooms
*The dorm is separated in a male-only side and a female-only side
R2 (Male): 30 rooms
R3 (Female): 7 rooms
R4 (Female): 6 rooms
R5 (Female): 22 rooms
Other facilities ・Washing machines and driers are provided in all dormitories free of charge
・Each dormitory has a small common area for residents

* Note: TIU is also offering further dormitory living options on a needs-basis in the neighboring vicinity. The cost of rent will resemble the figures indicated on the table above. Further details will be provided at a later date.

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