Path for Graduates of 11-Year Curriculum

Path for Graduates of 11-Year Curriculum

Path for Graduates of 11-Year Curriculum

Students from certain countries with an 11-year curriculum are eligible to apply to TIU E-Track only after obtaining additional education as per the Japanese Ministry of Education's (MEXT) regulations*.

These applicants may choose from one of the following three options. Details about each option can be found below. Please read about each option carefully, as each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Option ①: University Preparatory Course (UPC) / Foundation Program through the TIU-affiliated Japanese Language School;
Option ②: Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED)
Option ③: University transfer

* (MEXT recognizes the 11-year curricula of Belarus, Myanmar, Peru, Russia, Sudan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine as sufficient for enrollment in an undergraduate degree program. Students who completed or will complete an 11-year curriculum from one of these countries may apply directly to the E-Track Program.)

Requirements for TIU University Prepatory Course (UPC)

Our University Preparatory Course (UPC) / Foundation Program is provided by the TIU-affiliated Japanese Language School in which students will study Japanese language through a fast-paced, intensive course. After students complete this course, they will then be able to begin their E-Track Bachelor's degree program.

In order to be able to apply to the UPC Foundation Year, applicants must acquire one of the following in order to receive their COE from the Japanese Ministry of Education:

Acquisition of the JLPT N5 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)


Proof of 150 hours or more of Japanese language study at an academic institution.

Please refer to the chart below for more information regarding Tuition and Fees, Conditional Scholarships, and how to apply.

11年教育用チラシ 裏 (2023版)

Necessary Items to be Sumbitted to Admissions for the UPC:

① Transcripts of the past 3 years (scan*)
 Certificate of Graduation, if available (scan*)
 English Test Score
 Eligibility Check Form (download:
(Certified copies of the final transcript and Certificate of Graduation are required by the time of enrollment if admitted.)
 Record of previous Japanese language study (see above)

Alternative Options for 11-Year Curriculum Students

For applicants who do not meet the requirements for the UPC but would still like to apply to TIU, please refer to the following two options.

Submit a GED (Graduate Equivalency Degree) with your final score and apply directly to TIU without the need of taking the foundation program. For this option you must be at least 18-years of age by the time of enrollment at E-Track.

University Transfer: If you have completed an 11-year education and you enroll in a Bachelor's Program at any university, you may apply to TIU directly without needing to take a foundation program. Please refer to the chart below.

For applicants who have any inquiries regarding the above information, please contact the Tokyo International University E-Track Admissions Office at for more information.

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