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The E-Track Program offers a fully accredited Bachelor's degree in the English medium. There are three majors you can select: Business Economics, Digital Business and Innovation, and International Relations. In addition, students will participate in Academic Literacy, Liberal Arts, and Special Programs > Japanese language courses to meet graduation requirements. Taking courses in other majors as electives is also possible.

Yes, students in the E-Track Program are required to take 8 credits of Japanese Language Courses for graduation. Students who demonstrate a higher level of Japanese language ability may take a test to be exempt from the language requirement. Students who wish to work in Japan or with a Japanese company abroad are strongly encouraged to study Japanese beyond the minimum requirement.

Students wishing to change major must apply for an official interview, which is set up by a member of the E-Track faculty. The interview will be held once every semester and approval will be decided based on the applicant's screening and grade point average.


While there is no specified minimum GPA to apply, the screening for admissions and scholarships is competitive. Therefore, a higher GPA will improve your competitiveness. There are no compulsory subjects for GCE A-Levels.

Yes. Please contact the E-Track office in advance and we will explain other payment methods.

No. All required documents must be submitted during the application period.

There are official organizations that offer a service of providing copies of documents that have been identified and sworn to be made from an original. These are what we call "certified copies". There are various ways to create these documents, but the easiest way is by taking them to the school that issued the original or any TIU office. For other ways of issuing these documents, click here to learn more about what a certified copy is and how to issue them correctly. If you still have questions about how to issue a certified copy after reading these instructions, please contact the E-Track Admissions Center.

Yes, we accept transfer students. The credits you have accrued at a previous university may be transferred pending an official screening. You are required to send a transcript and course description, such as a syllabus, for evaluation to the E-Track office prior to any application period.


Please fill out the form and write the reason for seeking a scholarship in the corresponding section of our online application form. If you have participated in any extracurricular activities such as student council, volunteer work, sports competitions, or other relevant experiences, please upload proof of these activities to your My TIU Page. Those records may be weighed favorably during evaluation.

Yes, you are eligible for TIU scholarships unless the other scholarships pose a restriction.

Notifications are sent to successful applicants paired with admission results. The scholarship remains valid for four years pending the recipient maintains sufficient academic performance and avoids any misconduct.

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