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Student Voice

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At TIU, students from over 60 countries around the world learn together on the same campus. Surrounded by a richly diverse, unique educational environment, TIU students fill their campus lives with cross-cultural interaction.

I have always held an interest in Japan’s very unique culture.

Andreas from Sweden

One of the major challenges I saw in front of me was the Japanese language, since I had no prior knowledge. Although the Japanese classes are intensive, the teachers are making sure every student is able to follow the lessons. After just a couple of months, I can now understand and engage in very basic conversation.

An unforgettable internship for success in Digital Marketing

Sylvie from the Netherlands

As a BE student aspiring for a career in Digital Marketing, I realized that practical experience about coding and IT is essential for success in this field. Thus, this past spring break I interned at an IT company for 6 weeks. Afterwards, I signed up for Professor Sharkasi’s class in Digital Marketing and I am really excited to put the concepts to use!

The skills I have acquired will help make the world a better place

Edwin from Indonesia

I have been fascinated by International Relations and its dynamics since I was in high school. I’ve always wanted to understand the world better, and possibly make it a better place for everyone. I knew at the moment I saw the core studies in this discipline that this was the right place for me, and the skills I have acquired will certainly be helpful in the future.

A welcoming and friendly community

Kesara from Sri Lanka

I came to Japan during my last semester of high school in the USA, and at that time I was still undecided if Japan was the right fit for me. However, after visiting TIU, it felt very welcoming and the community was really friendly. My future aspirations are to work in or outside of Japan in marketing or business management.

I want to contribute to the development of society

Tam from Vietnam

Choosing Business Economics at TIU is one of the best choices I have ever made. This major is all about catching up with every movement happening around the world. I realized that doing business is not just about making profit for the company itself, but also to contribute to the development of society. Therefore, I plan to open my own business after graduation.

Language skills that will be helpful for my career

Pål from Sweden

I have been interested in Japanese pop culture since I was young. At TIU I had the opportunity to not only study Japanese, but also take actual classes in Japanese which provided an invaluable supplement to my language acquisition. I’m planning to work in the videogame industry here in Japan, so the language skills I have honed over the years will be very helpful for my career.

The perfect opportunity that I couldn’t let pass by

Tavishi from India

I first came to Japan on an exchange program, and it left me craving for more. Thus, studying International Relations at TIU was the perfect opportunity that I couldn’t let pass by. This university is truly international, and people here are very friendly and helpful, so I feel safe. In my future, I can’t wait to use the skills I am learning in IR to help people in need, but for now I am enjoying my time at TIU.

A unique, international learning environment

Kobina from Ghana

I decided to enroll in E-Track because I wanted to learn about Japanese business in English and eventually find a position where I can help build business bridges between Japan and Africa. TIU’s unique learning environment is a phenomenal international atmosphere and definitely helpful in attaining my future goals.

My time in the TIU MUN made a great impression

Wichuta from Thailand

I have a lot of positive feelings about the TIU MUN. At the All Japan MUN in December 2017, our varsity team members took home half of the total awards, and I was humbled to be named the Best Delegate of the UNHRC Committee. I am looking forward to continuing my involvement in the MUN even after graduation, and know there are great things in store for the TIU team.

Club activities helped me broaden my knowledge

Philip from Indonesia

I decided to become a peer assistant (PA) at TIU because of my desire to give something back to the university community. I am really into art and drawing, so I have joined the art club, as well as many student bodies and activities. Thanks to this, I was able to interact with a lot of people from different countries and broaden my knowledge of the world.

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