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Certificate Issuance Requests

About Certificates Issued

I. Types

1) Certificate of Enrollment Period
2) Transcripts
3) Certificate of Graduation (Undergraduate)
4) Certificate of Graduation (Graduate)
5) Certificate of Proof (English Proficiency)
6) Certificate of Withdrawal
- and more! -

* Current students may purchase certificates in-person at the Certificate Publishing Counter.

II. Cost

・First document: ¥500
・2nd+ documents: ¥200

Click here for more information about certificates.

Important Information Regarding Pricing

Type of Certificate Department in Charge Certificate Processing Fee
First Order Orders Thereafter

*Certificate of Withdrawal

Student Affairs

(First document only)
(Per Copy)

*Certificate of Enrollment Period
(graduated students)

*Certificate of Graduation

Academic Affairs

*Certificate of Graduation


Certificate of Proof
(English Proficiency)


* Items indicated with an asterisk can be printed in either English or Japanese. Please specify the desired language at the time of application.

Certificate Processing Fee Examples:
When ordering 2 transcripts: ¥500+¥200 = ¥700
When ordering 2 transcripts and a certificate of graduation: ¥500+¥200 + ¥200 = ¥900

For those who wish to have their certificates mailed within Japan, the certificates will be sent by "letter-pack" through postal delivery service, which is included in the first certificate fee.

For those who wish to have their certificates sent overseas, EMS (International Express Mail Service) will be used. In addition to the fee for your certificates, which are outlined in the above chart, you will be required to pay the EMS shipping fee.

Area/Region EMS Shipping Fee



・Central America
・North America
・Middle East




・South America


* Please note that it is not possible for some countries to receive EMS shipping, and an alternate shipping courier will be used in its place. Detailed information regarding these special cases will be provided via e-mail after the application has been submitted.

Important Information Regarding Certificates

* For students who wish to purchase their certificates at the Certificate Publishing Counter, it is possible to pay in cash. A staff member from the E-Track Academic Affairs Office will assist you at the time of your application.

** For students living overseas, and who wish to have a representative apply for / receive certificates on their behalf, the following steps will be necessary.

  1. Fill out a Consent Form (PDF Download) to entrust a representative.

    You must completely fill in the bottom portion.
    Your representative must fill in the top portion.
  2. Submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID.
  3. Submit a copy of your representative's government-issued photo ID.
Kindly note that all certificates ordered will be folded into thirds.
We will provide the envelope in which the certificate will be sealed.
Items that are not claimed for a period of 6 months will be discarded.
Please understand that fees will not be refunded for documents which are deemed inadequate.

For more information, kindly contact <

Ways of Ordering

I. In Person

To order at the E-Track Academic Affairs Office, you will need to complete a "Certificate Issuance Request" form. If you are ordering the certificate(s) for yourself, please bring an official form of photo identification, such as a residence card or passport. If your name has changed since you graduated, please bring relevant documentation.

* Please note that the certificates issued will have the name you used during your time as a TIU student.

You may pay for the documents at the Certificate Publishing Counter, located in our office. Payments will be collected in Japanese Yen (¥) only. Transcripts are ¥500 for the first document, and ¥200 per additional copy. After payment is completed, orders take three business days to process.

II. Online

To order online, please click the link below to gain access to TIU's new online ordering system. Official paper copies of certificates may be ordered online for campus pick-up, or for delivery by postal mail or EMS.

Certificates are ¥500 for the first document and ¥200 per additional copy. For information regarding payment, please view the information below. In addition, there is a shipping cost based on delivery destination. After payment is received, orders take three business days for processing. It may take additional time to receive if you are having your certificate delivered. When your order has been shipped, you will be notified by e-mail with an EMS tracking number.

For those who are applying from within Japan:
Please pay by Postal Money Order. (定額小為替 )
When filling out the Postal Money Order, please leave the field "Payee" blank.

Postal Money Orders can be obtained through your local "JP Post Office." Payment will be processed at the post office. Note that the shipping fee is included within the price (¥500) of the first certificate. An additional shipping fee will not be charged for domestic orders. If you have any questions or concerns at the time of sending the Postal Money Order, or for more information, please visit your local post office.

For those who are applying from overseas:
Please pay by International Postal Money Order.
In filling out the International Postal Money Order, please note the following details:

Tokyo International University.
1-13-1 Matobakita, Kawagoe,
Saitama 350-1197, Japan

When sending the International Postal Money Order within a sealed mailing envelope, please address the envelope as follows:

Tokyo International University.
E-Track Academic Affairs Office
Building 1
1-13-1 Matobakita, Kawagoe,
Saitama 350-1197, Japan

If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, or any of the above information, please contact the E-Track Academic Affairs Office.

Click here to order certificates via the Online Application System.
Click here to download a Paper Form for the Certificate of Issuance Request (PDF).

Please Note
At the time of your order, you will be asked to provide the following information:

● Name at the time of enrollment / graduation
● Student ID number
● Copy of Government-Issued Photo ID
● The month and year you enrolled / graduated from TIU
● Address and phone number

* If your name has changed since the time of your graduation, you must bring two forms of government-issued photo ID.

Hours of Operation

I. E-Track Academic Affairs Office

Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
*Saturdays 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

* If you wish to come on Saturday, kindly confirm with our office in advance. TIU is closed on Sundays.

II. TIU Periods of Closure

Summer Recess August 10 - August 18, 2019
Winter Recess December 28, 2019 -
January 5, 2020
* The dates in the table above are subject to change.