Business Economics Faculty


Photo Name Research Interests
Name: Samuel Amponsah Research Interests: Principles of Economics, Development Economics, Labor Economics, Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics
Name: Kuniko Ishiguro Research Interests: Gender in Business, Strategic Human Resource Management, Career Development, East Asian Political Economy and Management…
Name: Keith Jackson Research Interests: Leadership Development, Organizational Behaviour, Cross-cultural Management, Higher Education
Name: Yasuyuki Kusuda Research Interests: Principles of Economics, Industrial Organization, Advanced Microeconomics
Name: Hirofumi Matsuo Research Interests: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations Management, Production Planning and Scheduling
Name: Rajarshi Mitra Research Interests: International Trade; International Finance; Outsourcing and FDI; Industrial Organization.
Name: Makoto Shimizu Research Interests: Economic Statistics, Statistical System, Statistical Survey, Econometrics, Demography, Social Survey Method
Name: Sumire Stanislawski Research Interests: Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Ethical Consumption, Sustainability
Name: Kayhan Tajeddini Research Interests: Innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic management, marketing strategy and consumer behavior
Name: Yasuhiko Toride Research Interests: Business & Social Impact (exploring how the business sector can achieve social impact and contribute to achieving Sustai…

Associate Professors

Photo Name Research Interests
Name: Rangga Handika Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Investments, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Principles of Economics, Quantitative Finan…

Assistant Professors

Photo Name Research Interests
Name: Augusto Delgado Research Interests: Urban Economics, Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, and Applied Spatial Econometrics
Name: Ryan Olver Research Interests: Agricultural economics, supply chains, specialty crops, pesticides
Name: Roksana Binte Rezwan Research Interests: Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Psychology, Knowledge Management, Research Method in …
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