International Relations Faculty


Photo Name Research Interests
Name: Thomas Blackwood Research Interests: Sociology, Social Psychology, Inequality, Education
Name: Joonho Kim Research Interests: Political Economy of Global Integration, Philosophy of Integration, Monetary Integration and Financial Crisis
Photo of the professor Name: Christopher Lamont Research Interests: International Relations, Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Research Design & Methods.
Photo of prof. Rahmy Name: Ahmed Rahmy Research Interests: Japanese Literature, Introduction to Islamic world, Japanese culture, Translations for Japanese Literature to Arabic.

Associate Professors

Photo Name Research Interests
Name: Adrien Schifano Research Interests: Teaching Interests: Legal Theory, International Law, Regional Governance in Asia / Research Interests: International Ins…
Name: Barbara Greene Research Interests: Collective Memory, Japanese Contemporary Literature, Japanese Popular Culture
Name: Hak Yin Li Research Interests: World Order Issues, International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Chinese Foreign Policy, Hong Kong’s International Sta…
Name: Nathan Munier Research Interests: International Political Economy, International Agreements, African Politics, Resource Policy, and Migration.
Name: Jeffrey Ordaniel Research Interests: Maritime security in Asia, US Asia policy, US Alliances in Asia, Southeast Asian International Relations, Regionalism
Name: Sojin Shin Research Interests: Development Studies, International Political Economy, Domestic Politics and International Relations of South Asia.
Name: Hiroyuki Yamamoto Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Democratic Backsliding, and Japanese Politics

Adjunct Professors

Photo Name Research Interests
Name: Takashi Nishitate Research Interests: International Cooperation, Peace Studies, Multicultural Symbiotic Societies, Civil Society and Nuclear Power Plant
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