For Admitted Students

Your Guide for Admissions

If you have recently been admitted to TIU, make sure you read the guide below before you do anything else.

Admitted students are required to download all pertinent instructions and forms for the matriculation process below. There are also some other important documents that will be distributed via our online application system (My TIU Page) for each admitted student. These documents include your official letter of acceptance and your invoice, so make sure you keep checking your My TIU Page regularly throughout the enrollment process!

Spring 2019 Enrollees


(1) Enrollment Procedure for Freshmen
Make sure to read this document first

Key dates of enrollment process and information about payments

(2) TIU Tuition Reduction Scholarship Regulations


(3) Student Visa Information

For those who have not yet applied for a student visa

(4) Renewal of Student Visa / Change of Visa Status

For those who have a student visa or wish to change your current visa status to a student visa

(5) How to fill in the Application for Certificate of Eligibility

How to fill in the COE application form (Example)

(6) Application for Certificate of Eligibility

COE application form in preparation for being issued a student visa (Please check the "Student Visa Information" file for the password to open this file.)

(7) Statement of Financial Support

Mandatory documents for those who have not yet applied for a student visa

Credit Transfer

(8) Credit Transfer Application for Newly Admitted First Year Students

For newly admitted first year students who have attended another college or university and want their credits from a former school to be transferred (Information about credit transfers)


(9) Overview of Housing Information

Other Information

(10) Before purchasing your ticket to Japan

(11) Academic Calendar 2019

* Make sure to read Document (1) carefully.
* After downloading, read each document thoroughly and fill them in accordingly.
* Submit documents to the addresses that are listed on Document (1).