Collaboration with Kawagoe-shi for Special Cash Payment

The Japanese government has decided to provide a “special cash payment” as an economic measure against the spread of the coronavirus. This will provide all official residents of Japan with a sum of 100,000 yen that will be disbursed regardless of their citizenship. However, it will expire three months from the date of receipt on the application form.

Since we are aware of that many students are currently outside of Japan and are not able to receive the applications for the Special Cash Payment, Kawagoe City and TIU have decided to cooperate and support those students who are unable to apply for the Special Cash Payment due to not being present in Japan.

Please be advised that this support is only available to those whose registered address as of APRIL 27, 2020 was in KAWAGOE-Shi (川越市).

For more detail, please refer to the announcement made on POTI and submit all the necessary documents online.

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