Hiroaki Hatano

Japanese Language Institute

Associate Director of Japanese Language Institute

Associate Professor

Email: Hhatano@tiu.ac.jp
Last updated: December 1, 2022 2:54 pm

⬛ Education

2012 Ph.D. - Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University
2009 M.A. - Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ehime University
2007 B.A. - Faculty of Law and Letters, Ehime University

⬛ Teaching and Research Interests

Japanese language education, Japanese linguistics, Japanese language pedagogy, Phonetics and Phonology, Speech science, Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Educational measurements

⬛ Academic Appointments

2019 - Associate professor, Tokyo International University
2016-2019 Lecturer, The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa
2012-2016 Visiting researcher, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
2012-2013 Researcher, Konan University

⬛ Fellowships & Grants

2020-2023 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), KAKEN (20K00610, 2020-2023), Principal Investigator
2015-2017 Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), KAKEN (15K16757, 2015-2017), Principal Investigator
2013-2017 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), KAKEN (25284094, 2013-2017), Research Collaborator
2013-2015 Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (Start-up), KAKEN (25884099, 2013-2015), Principal Investigator
2009-2012 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), KAKEN (21300071, 2009-2012), Research Collaborator

⬛ Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Automatic evaluation of accentuation of Japanese read speech, Co-authored with C.T. Ishi, C. Song and M. Matsuda, in M. Ueyama & I. Srdanovic (ed.), Digital resources for learning Japanese, pp. 35-51 (2018).
An investigation of the linguistic features of B1 level of the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education: An analysis based on the writing data by Japanese language learners, in Ishikawa, S. (ed.) Learner Corpus Studies in Asia and the World vol. 3 Papers from LCSAW2017, pp. 189-206 (2018). (in Japanese)
Classification of Japanese accent types using machine learning: A comparison of native speakers’ and learners’ utterances from word list and read-aloud tasks, Co-authored with A. Albin, R. Wang and C.T. Ishi, Conference paper on the 32nd General Meeting of the Phonetic Society of Japan, pp. 48-53 (2018). (in Japanese)
Validation of the JF Standard-based Role Play Test using Multi-faceted Rasch analysis, Conference paper on The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language 2018 Fall, pp. 161-166 (2018). (in Japanese)
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