International Relations Faculty

Professor (3)

Research Interests
Sociology, Social Psychology, Inequality, Education
Political Economy of Global Integration, Philosophy of Integration, Monetary Integration and Financial Crisis
Global Politics, Japanese Foreign Policy, War and Public Memory

Visiting Professor

Name Research Interests

Associate Professor (7)

Research Interests
Collective Memory, Japanese Contemporary Literature, Japanese Popular Culture
International Security, Geopolitics, American and European foreign policies, Middle East, Terrorism
International Relations, Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Research Design & Methods.
World Order Issues, International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Chinese Foreign Policy, Hong Kong’s International Status, Chinese Politics
International Organizations, International (Criminal) Law, Transnational Advocacy Networks
International Political Economy, International Agreements, African Politics, Resource Policy, and Migration.
Comparative Politics, Democratic Backsliding, and Japanese Politics

Assistant Professor (2)

Research Interests
Maritime security in Asia, US Asia policy, US Alliances in Asia, Southeast Asian International Relations, Regionalism
Development Studies, International Political Economy, Domestic Politics and International Relations of South Asia.

Adjunct Professor (1)

Research Interests
International Cooperation, Peace Studies, Multicultural Symbiotic Societies, Civil Society and Nuclear Power Plant