Kenji Yokota

Japanese Language Institute

Director of Japanese Language Institute


Email: Keyokota@tiu.ac.jp
Last updated: December 1, 2022 3:04 pm

⬛ Education

2013 Ph.D. - Linguistics, Osaka Prefecture University
1997 M.A. - Language Information and Sciences, University of Tokyo
1995 B.A. - English Studies, Sophia University

⬛ Teaching and Research Interests

Linguistics, Japanese Language Education, Linguistic approaches to non-native Japanese grammars, Second language acquisition theory.

⬛ Academic Appointments

2020 Visiting Professor, Akita International University
2018- Professor, Tokyo International University
2016-2018 Professor, Nihon University
2011-2016 Associate Professor, Nihon University
2008-2011 Assistant Professor, Nihon University
2007-2008 Assistant Professor, Akita University
2004-2007 Lecturer, Akita University
2001-2004 Lector, University of Cambridge

⬛ Fellowships & Grants

2007-2008 Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) KAKEN.

⬛ Selected Publications/Conference Papers

A New Perspective on Argument/Adjunct Distinction in the Theory of Grammar, Papers of The Second International Conference on Theoretical East Asian Psycholinguistics, pp. 96-99 (2019).
Development of a Scale to Measure Learners’ Perceived Preferences and Benefits of Data-driven Learning, Co-authored with A. Mizumoto & K. Chujo, ReCALL 28:2, Cambridge University Press, pp. 227-246 (2016).
Japanese Floating Numeral Quantifiers as Generalized Quantifiers, Language Sciences 45, Elsevier, pp. 123-134 (2014).
The Dual Analysis of Manner Adverbs in Japanese, Language Sciences 33:3, Elsevier, pp. 386-400 (2011).
On Floating Numeral Quantifiers in Japanese, in H. Hoshi (ed.), The Dynamics of the Language Faculty: Perspectives from Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience, Kuroshio Publishers, pp. 85-109 (2009).
The Structure and Meaning of Japanese Light Verbs, Language Sciences 27:3, Elsevier, pp. 247-280 (2005).
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