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Nathan Munier

Department of International Relations

Associate Professor


  1. 2016 Ph.D. - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  2. 2011 M.A. - Western Illinois University
  3. 2009 B.A. - Western Illinois University

Teaching and Research Interests:

International Political Economy, International Agreements, African Politics, Resource Policy, and Migration.

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience

2018 -

Assistant Professor of International Relations, Tokyo International University


Assistant Professor of International Relations, International University of Sarajevo


Assistant Professor of Political Science, American University of Afghanistan

Fellowship & Grants


KAKEN Research Grant

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

The Political Economy of the Kimberley Process (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020).

“Do Only Independent Women Participate in Demonstrations? Empowerment and Politics in Predicting Activism Among Mexican Women” Hispanic Journal of Behavior Sciences (with Julia Albarracin, Kristin Bail) Vol. 39 No.3 (2017): 297-315

“The One Who Controls the Diamonds Wears the Crown! The Politicization of the Kimberley Process in Zimbabwe” Resources Policy Vol. 47 (2016): 171-177

“Diamonds, dependence and De Beers: monopoly capitalism and compliance with the Kimberley Process in Namibia” Review of African Political Economy Vol. 43, No.150 (2016): 542-555

“Diamonds Without Blood: A Look at Namibia” African Security Vol. 9, No.1 (2016): 21-41

“Determinants of Rural Latino Trust in the Federal Government” Hispanic Journal of Behavior Sciences (with Julia Albarracin and Keith Boeckelman) Vol. 37 No.3 (2015): 420–438

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