(Last Updated: Oct 01, 2021 12:39)

Takashi Nishitate

Department of International Relations

Adjunct Professor


  1. 2010 Ph.D. - International Cooperation, Tokyo University
  2. 2005 M.A. - International Cooperation, Tokyo University
  3. 2001 B.A. - International Relations, Tokyo International University

Teaching and Research Interests:

International Cooperation, Peace Studies, Multicultural Symbiotic Societies, Civil Society and Nuclear Power Plant

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience


Associate Professor, Kyoai Gakuen University


Lecturer, Kyoai Gakuen University


Research fellow, Research Institute of Democracy and Education


Research fellow, The Japan Forum on International Relations


Researcher, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Public Diplomacy Division)

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

“Japanese Society and Immigration: Challenges for the Future of Multicultural Coexistence,” International Cooperation in the Contemporary World (in Japanese, TOSHINDO PUBLISHING Co., LTD. 2021)

Multicultural Symbiotic Society: Learning in the Field of Gunma (in Japanese, Co-authored with OSHIMA Kaori and HONDO Haruo, Jomo Shimbun company, 2019)

“Residents’ campaign for a referendum on the nuclear power-related facilities and local democracy in Mutsu City,” Re-Shaping the Future of Shimokita Peninsula: Community, Education and Democracy (in Japanese, Research Institute of Democracy and Education, 2017)