Akari Osumi

Japanese Language Institute


Email: Akaosumi@tiu.ac.jp
Last updated: December 1, 2022 3:00 pm

⬛ Message to Students

Learning languages is hard yet fun. I hope I can help you enjoy learning Japanese!

⬛ Education

2019 M.A. - Japanese Pedagogy, Purdue University
2017 B.A. - Intercultural Studies, Kobe University

⬛ Teaching and Research Interests

Japanese Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics

⬛ Academic Appointments

2019 - Lecturer, Tokyo International University

⬛ Fellowships & Grants

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⬛ Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Osumi, A. (2020). Motivation for learning Japanese from the perspective of L2MSS: A study of university students in the Midwestern United States. In S. Sato (Ed.), Proceedings of the 26th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum (in press).
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