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Jay Rajasekera

Department of Digital Business & Innovation

Professor, Vice President of TIU


  1. Ph.D - North Carolina State University

Teaching and Research Interests:

Digital Business, Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Solutions in Medical and Fintech, Algorithm Design; Entropy Applications in AI and Image and Video Diagnostics, IT for Development and Sustainability, Digital Thinking Based of Big Data and Analytics.

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience

2018 -

Professor of Digital Business and Strategy; Dean Grad. Sch. of Business and Commerce; Vice President, TIU; Instrumental in establishing Digital Business and Innovation program in TIU. Instrumental in establishing TIU-Tech Mahindra Innovation Lab at TIU.


Graduate School of International Management, International University of Japan (Served as Professor of Digital Business Strategy, Dean of IUJ Business School, Vice President of IUJ; During the tenure as Dean, IUJ B-School became Japan’s only B-School ranked in the “Top 100 B-Schools of the World” list published by prestigious Economist Ranking. )


AT&T Bell Laboratories, Princeton, NJ, USA (Patented the design algorithm for the construction of world’s first optical cable system TTT-8, between US and Europe. Good percent of world internet traffic carried over optical cables built using this algorithm);

Fellowship & Grants


Business Hub to Support Local Business Entrepreneurship (Japanese Govt + Minamiuonuma City, Niigata)


Hand-held Devices and Apps for Enhancing Nursing Care in Developing Countries (Kaken grant)


Distance Education System to Support Development and Education of Co-medical Professionals in Developing Countries (Kaken grant)


Internet Governance and Linguistic Diversity (Japan Science and Technology Agency – JST grant)


Special Contribution Award by Bell Laboratories.


Special Contribution Award by Bell Laboratories.

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Zhang-Zhang, Y., Rohlfer, S. & Rajasekera, J. (2020). An Eco-Systematic View of Cross-Sector Fintech: The Case of Alibaba and Tencent. Sustainability 2020 (to appear in 2020), doi:10.3390/su12218907

Rajasekera, J., Mishal, A. V., & Mori, Y. (2020). Innovative mHealth Solution for Reliable Patient Data Empowering Rural Healthcare in Developing Countries. In Big Data Analytics in Healthcare (pp. 83-104). Springer, Cham.

Myat, A. A., Sharkasi, N., & Rajasekera, J. (2019). Myanmar’s tourism. Benchmarking: An International Journal.

Sharkasi, N., Rajasekera, J., & Sumita, U. (2018). Optimizing Expected Profit Under Flexible Allocation of Campaign Days and Budget for Management of Shopping Centers: A Machine Learning Approach. International Journal of Business & Information, 13(2).

Fang, S. C., Rajasekera, J. R., & Tsao, H. S. J. (2012). Entropy optimization and mathematical programming (Vol. 8). Book by Springer Science & Business Media.

Other Recent (non-refereed articles):

Rajasekera, J. (2020). How AI Can Bring About Social Good. Development Asia (Asian Development Bank), Feb 25, 2020.

Rajasekera, J. (2019). AI AND THE DISRUPTION OF SOCIAL SECTORS. Asia Global Online (Univ of Hong Kong), Nov 7, 2019.

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