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Nora Sharkasi

Department of Digital Business & Innovation

Associate Professor


  1. 2015 Ph.D. - University of Tsukuba, Japan
  2. 2011 M.Sc. - London School of Economics and Political Science LSE, UK
  3. 2003 B.Sc. - LaRoche University, PA, USA

Teaching and Research Interests:

Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship Strategy and E-commerce, Marketing Modeling, Big Data and Analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Digital Business Communication.

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience

2018 - present

Associate Professor, TIU


Assistant Professor, IUJ

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Song, H., Zhang-Zhang, Y., Tian, M., Rohlfer, S., Sharkasi, N. (2019) "Culture and regional innovation performance: an exploration in China", Chinese Management Studies,

Myat, A., Sharkasi,N., Rajasekera, J. (2019) "Myanmar’s tourism: Sustainability of ICT to support hotel sector for online booking and digital marketing", Benchmarking: An International Journal,

Sharkasi, N., Sumita, U., Rajasekera, J. (2018) “Optimizing Expected Profit under Flexible Allocation of Campaign Days and Campaign Budget for Management of Shopping Centers: A Machine Learning Approach”, International Journal of Business and Information, DOI: 10.6702/ijbi.201806_13(2).0003

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