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Sumire Stanislawski

Department of Business Economics

Associate Professor


  1. 2014 - Marketing Theory, Waseda University (completion of doctoral program)
  2. 2009 M.A. - Labor Economics, Waseda University
  3. 2004 B.B.A. - Marketing / Management and Organization Studies, Simon Fraser University

Teaching and Research Interests:

Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Ethical Consumption, Sustainability

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience


Associate Professor, Tokyo International University


Lecturer, Tokyo International University


Research Associate, Waseda University

Fellowship & Grants


Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN B) Grant


Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation, Research Grant


MEXT Global Center of Excellence, Hitotsubashi Center for Japanese Business Studies, Research Fellow

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Stanislawski, S. (2018), “Ethical Consumption Theory” in Takei, H., Koizumi, H., Hirose, M., Yatsuhashi, J., and Hatakeyama, Y. (Eds.), Modern Marketing Theory 2nd Edition (pp. 204–213), Tokyo: Jikkyo Shuppan Co., Ltd. [In Japanese]

Stanislawski, S. (2016), “Bringing Together Japanese Organic Food Consumers and Producers After Fukushima,” Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 44, pp. 338–342.

Stanislawski, S., Sonobe, Y., and Ohira, S. (2015), “Consuming to Help—Post-Disaster Consumption in Japan,” Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 11, pp. 76–79.

Ohira, S., Sonobe, Y., and Stanislawski, S. (2015), “Study of Social Consumers in Japan: Clarification of Decision-Making Processes of CRM Products,” Journal of Marketing & Distribution, Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 61–89. [In Japanese]

Stanislawski, S., Sonobe, Y., and Ohira, S. (2013), “Green Consumption and the Theory of Planned Behavior in the Context of Post-Megaquake Behaviors in Japan,” Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 41, pp. 321–325.

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