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Kayhan Tajeddini

Department of Business Economics

Professor, Strategic Management and International Management


  1. 2007 Ph.D. - Bradford University School of Management, UK.
  2. 1999 M.A. - Mazandaran University of Science and Technology
  3. 1996 B.A. - Economics and Management, Tehran University

Teaching and Research Interests:

Innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic management, marketing strategy and consumer behavior

Academic Appointments/Professional Experience

2016 -

Full Professor of Strategic Management and International Business, Institute for International Strategy, Tokyo International University (TIU), Japan


Associate Professor of Marketing (Docent), School of Economics and Management, Lund University, Sweden


Associate Professor, Marketing Field leader, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan


Lecturer, Les Roches International School of Management, Switzerland


Lecturer, University of South Wales, UK


Foreign Purchasing Supervisor, Tile Industry

Fellowship & Grants



Recipient ➔Awarded for Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing in IJHM


Recipient ➔Awarded for Excellence - 2016 Outstanding Author Contributions Emerald Literati


Recipient – Broman Postdoc Scholarship School of Business, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Recipient – research award, a conference of Quality Management, 2007, Iran


Recipient – research award (one of the best papers), Academy of marketing, UK


Recipient – research award, A full bursary, Academy of Marketing in Dublin, Ireland

Research Grants

(Success in winning internal and external research grants)


Recipient – research grant, Bilateral research collaboration with Asia, ETH, Switzerland (19’910 CHF)


Recipient – research grant, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Japan Government, (4,420,000JPY)


Recipient – research grant, Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, Sweden (32,000,000 SKR)


Recipient – research grant, Asia Pacific University, Japan (10,000,000 JPY)


Recipient – research grant, Les Roches, Switzerland (20,000 CHF)

Selected Publications/Conference Papers

Gamage, T.C., & Tajeddini, K.,. (2022). A multi-layer organizational culture framework for enhancing the financial performance in tourism and hospitality family firms. Tourism Management, 91.

Tajeddini, K., Gamage, T.C., Ul Hameed, W., Qumsieh-Mussalam, G., Chaijani, M. H., Rasoolimanesh, S.M., & Kallmuenzer, A. (2022). How self-gratification and social values shape revisit intention and customer loyalty of airbnb customers. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 100(3).

Kallmuenzer, A., Tajeddini, K., Gamage, T.C., Lorenzo, D., Rojas, A. & Schallner, M.J.A. (2021). Family firm succession in tourism and hospitality: An ethnographic case study approach. Journal of Family Business Management, ahead-of-print(ahead-of-print). doi: 10.1108/JFBM-07-2021-0072

Gamage, T.C., Tajeddini, K., and Tajeddini, O., . (2021). Why chinese travelers use wechat to make hotel choice decisions: A uses and gratifications theory perspective. Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, In Press.

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