For Admitted Graduate Students

Your Guide for Graduate School Admissions

This section contains detailed information and documents for the enrollment process.


(1) Enrollment Procedures for Graduate Students Make sure to read this document first. This document includes key dates of the enrollment process and information about payments.
(2) Student Oath Mandatory for all students.
(3) TIU Tuition Reduction Scholarship Regulations


(4) Renewal of Student Visa / Change of Visa Status For those who have a student visa or wish to change your current visa status to a student visa.


(5) Academic Calendar 2018 for the Graduate School of Economics

(6) Academic Calendar 2018 for the Graduate School of International Relations

※After downloading, please read each document thoroughly and fill them in accordingly.
Submit documents to the corresponding addresses that are mentioned in Document (1).
※Document (2) is mandatory for all students.