International Relations Major (M.A)

Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Relations Program
(Graduate School of International Relations)

The master's program in International Relations provides students with a unique opportunity to develop expertise on a wide range of global issues, such as war and regional conflict, development and sustainability, climate change, and human rights. With its diverse faculty and student body combined with small class sizes, the program encourages active learning through debates, presentations, group projects, field studies, internships, and the like. It prepares students for global leadership and enables graduates to pursue careers in international organizations, business, education, public administration, and NGOs.

Words from International Relations Faculty

Samuel Amponsah | Associate Professor of Economics

Poverty and underdevelopment in my country led me to pursue further education in Japan. Upon arriving in Japan, I had the opportunity to study at TIU's Graduate School of Economics, where I obtained my MA and PhD in Economics. The knowledge that I acquired helped me to understand why some countries are underdeveloped and others are developed. It is exciting and fascinating to be teaching in TIU because you always can engage students from diverse backgrounds who provide real-life experiences illustrating the theories and issues that we learn in class. IR in TIU offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of problems and issues that have a global impact. In my teaching, I want my students to master the dynamics of globalization and become knowledgeable in economic theories that will help them to be creative and skillful in domestic and international negotiations. I also motivate my students to acquire practical skills in data handling and empirical analysis, which can sometimes be challenging for some IR students but important for their future careers.

Course List

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